EVL gets notable reinforcements from Finland

Lindau – After Austrian Martin Mairich, residents of the E island of Lindau can now – according to the club’s announcement – present their second player. Another striker will occupy the position of the second team, and with Finn Jiri Laksonen, the islanders can also make a small transitional coup.

Laksonen, an experienced DEL2 striker who has been active in Germany for five years, made a conscious decision to take on the challenge with the islanders and would significantly intensify Lindauer’s offensive. The agreement between the EVL and the 30-year-old is designed for one year, and it will build up to number 39.

Left-hand shooter Jere Laaksonen comes from Landshut (DEL2) to EV Lindau Islanders. So the south of Germany is not unknown to the Finn, after all – before his one-year guest appearance at Landshut – he played four years with ESV Kaufbeuren. Laksonen, who is married and the father of two daughters, can take a look at the experience of a total of 229 DEL2 games.

He has shaped Allgäu’s appearance as a game designer at Kaufbeuren, but is also a serious factor in all game situations. Above all, however, Laaksonen has leadership qualities as a DEL importer – which is just the right thing for the young Lindau team. Born in southwestern Finland, at the beginning of his career, he played for a long time in his homeland, playing nearly 60 international matches for various national junior teams.

After three seasons in Kazakhstan and a temporary season in Russia, he landed in DEL2 at ESV Kaufbeuren. Laksonen was one of the players with the highest score. EV Lindau Islanders will be very happy about the transfer of Jere Laaksonen, who has been very excited from the first discussions with Lindau’s management team.

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In addition to his excellent playing facilities, he also offers valuable experience and excellent training in Finnish ice hockey. “Jerry matches our search profile one hundred percent,” asserts Sasha Paul, the islanders’ athletic director. He is an important player who plays for the team and not for his point stats.

“During his time at Kaufbeuren, I know he will fit in perfectly with our current team both on a personal level and in play,” continues Paul. Coach Stefan Widmaier is also looking forward to the new Al Wahda player. “Jerry Laksonen always puts the team first. He always tries to give everything for the team,” the Austrian is convinced.

“We were looking for this type of player and we are very pleased that Jerry and his family chose EVL’s ideas and values. It was not for nothing that Jerry was a fan favorite at Kaufboren because of his way of playing.” Being able to bring a player like Laksonen to Lindau is of course not an issue.

If – as in Lindau – you care about healthy structures, then this transfer is only possible under certain factors. In Laksonen, in the broadest sense, the cause is the Covid19 infection that hit him in the fall of 2020. As a result, the doctors diagnosed myocarditis, but this has been medically explained and it is now completely cured.

Only thanks to timely detection and proper rehabilitation was the Finn able to continue playing in professional sports. Under constant surveillance by doctors, he fought his way back ironically, even playing 19 games for EV Landshut in the 2020/2021 season. But at the end of last season, he didn’t get a new contract there.

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