Everyone is crazy about Vivo, because the musical comedy on Netflix is ​​so popular

The musical animated comedy on Netflix conquers audiences and critics alike thanks to a story that has winked at all generations. In the Italian version of the movie, there is also the voice of Stash from The Kolors. His voice is the sound of “vivo” in all the songs. Andrès’ voice is instead of Massimo Lopez.

Netflix released its new animated movievivo“Last August 6, since that moment, and despite the summer vacation, there is nothing on social media but talk about this wonderful product. A musical comedy that made even critics smile, upsetting the usual “masterpiece” and talking candidly about Netflix’s first movie Animation Master (by KlausObviously, they’ve all forgotten about it.) It is a story that will wink at the generations, and perhaps this is the secret of success. In the Italian version of the movie, there is also a voice stash by Kolors. His voice is the sound of “vivo” in all the songs. Andres’ voice is instead of Maximum Lopez.

Vivo conspiracy

But what is the theme of “vivo”? The old singer-songwriter Andres and Sercoleto, nicknamed Vivo, are two street artists who perform in Havana, the capital of Cuba. When famous artist Maria Sandoval invites Andres and Vivo to a farewell party, a trunk of memories opens and an exciting journey to Miami begins.

Vivo cast and its direction

Vivo is a movie directed by Kirk DeMicco and Brandon Jeffords, director of “The Croods” and “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” respectively. Kirk D’Emico also signs off on the script, surrounded by Chiara Allegria’s hoodies. The soundtrack was signed by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The Social Place with Julia Stabile and Alessandra Celentano

And recently there was talk of Vivo also having a social spot, which appeared on Tik Tok, in which Julia Stabile and Alessandra Celentano starred. The video spread very quickly. It is a challenge that invites children to publish their version of the choreography by Julia Stapel and there is also the consideration of Alessandra Celentano: “I see you dancing: is it the best thing you can do? I only have two notes.” A funny video that testifies to the huge ownership this new project signed by Netflix has brought to the public.

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