‘EU does not stand by’ / ‘US option, hasty withdrawal’

Unfortunately, those hours thatAfghanistan Scattered all over the world: The attack at the entrance to the airport The most “vigilant” in the world these days, “Karzai International” AcceptanceLeaves you breathless. The dead, the wounded, the despair and the feeling that the defeated side of the Sunni Afghans belong toProblems – With one hit they wanted to hitWest, as much as Taliban In power, unfortunately how many ordinary civilians to try to escape from a The country is back under the auspices of fundamentalism, but from fundamentalism (ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban)).

Inevitably, the horror in Kabul comes from afar and also includes the far from positive management of the international community and in particular Biden administration in the dock For a hasty “escape” from the country, to downplay the Taliban takeover of Kabul, as well as for vehemently opposing European pressure to extend the deadline for leaving the Middle Eastern country. My bike in the last G7, together with Macron, Johnson and MerkelAnd he tried to convince the American president that the dialogue should also be extended to China, India, Russia and Turkey To solve the chaos in Afghanistan: In this sense, the request to submit the G-20 in September was the attempt by which the Italian prime minister tried to “impose his hand”, not at the moment finding Biden’s “yes.” Undersecretary for European Affairs (former minister) starts here Enzo Amendola In his interrogation in the Corriere della Sera that took place before the attack on Kabul airport.

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J’ACCUSE OF AMENDOLA for the United States (and the European Union)

«The United States decided to withdraw with the previous administration, and Biden confirmed that deal. These are options supported by Europe and the result of which is a hasty withdrawal without conditions. It is confirmation of a trend that comes from afar.”: For Pd foundations, Biden’s agenda is a step forward compared to Trump’s, but that does not prevent the United States from continuing to “Choosing their geopolitical commitments based on strict national priorities. It certainly does not do so on the basis of the shared ambitions of its Western allies. With Biden there is a common agenda, but his choices were born in America and AmericaAmendola is clear in his condemnation of the inaction of European institutions in the face of the Afghan crisis.Europe can no longer stand idly by and wait for the choices of others.”. According to the former Minister of the Conte-2 government, Italy, in turn, makes the mistake of dealing with geopolitical problems only when they involve the possible arrival of refugees at our borders: for this reason, Amendola continues, “If we only see international crises through this lens, we forget to become heroes on the international scene even if from afar compared to China or the United States. Our reaction is that of those who want to be a global player but are notReturning to Brussels, the torment of the Under-Secretary is in any way directed at the Union in this way:She has no foreign policy, this is the drama […] We are afraid of no voice. We need to get rid of this fear“.According to Amendola, we need a common army as well as an all-European foreign policy,”The idea of ​​sovereignty must also include the protection of citizens. Even the military helps to count outside its borders, in support of diplomatic and security work. The alternative is to wait for global phenomena to enter our homelandAmendola’s latest criticism of the White House and Biden accused of imposing a Withdraws “Hasty and unconditional».

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