Afghanistan: First Afghan-American collaborator to host military bases arrives in Rota | Spain

The first 400 Afghan collaborators from the United States, who were evacuated from the Central Asian country, arrived at the military base in Rota (Cadiz) at 9.40 a.m. on Friday, according to sources from the U.S. embassy. It is the first group to land on Spanish soil after it was announced last Sunday Agreement between Washington and Madrid The use of military enclaves in Rota and Moron (Seville) in the temporary reception of these citizens, during their transit to third countries.

Evacuated Afghans are cared for by US officials tasked with receiving, processing and meeting their basic needs. The same sources reported that a group of Spanish soldiers, members of the Red Cross and volunteers from the base are helping them in these tasks. The agreement between Washington and Madrid provides for the reception of a maximum of 4,000 civilians for a period of 14 days, which is the period considered sufficient to be able to confirm their affiliation to the United States, permits and process their final destination to the North American country or other countries. .

Maximum secrecy about Afghan access to US bases. She emphasized the difficulties and danger posed by their evacuation After Thursday’s double attack in Kabul That left dozens dead – including dozens of American officers – were conditional flights and their times. Sources from the US embassy reported that the planes were taking off not only from Kabul, but from other bases in the Middle East. The itinerary is determined approximately at the time of departure.

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Both civilians serving in the US military and citizens of ROTA and Moron They turned to welcome these refugees. All logistical and adaptive operations of the bases were directed by the United States Command. this Thursday, Al-Qaeda’s Facebook account In Rota, he broadcast pictures of his soldiers setting up tents and tables for eating and preparing the area for the arrival of the first collaborators. Spanish staff contributed children’s clothing, toys, and children’s furniture there. The chain of solidarity extended to the rest of the municipality, where many religious associations coordinated with the city council to donate clothes and hygiene products.

Rota experiences the arrival in a strange way. Leticia Armstrong of Rota, was caught by the plane that landed inside the base in action, but not unexpectedly. As soon as he learned that the nearby military installations would receive the Afghans, he organized a series of aid. “I sent a WhatsApp message because we wanted to show a message of love and help. A lot of people were mobilized,” the American-born woman explains. Diapers, wipes, baby formula, clothes, shower gel. The list of products collected by volunteers like her in a few days forced the city council to put the aid into effect. “We organize it into boxes by size and product, we take it to Carmen Parish and the Americans go there to pick it up. They didn’t ask for help, but when they saw we were there, they were thrilled,” Armstrong says.

In Moron, workers of the American contractor KBR working for the United States Army were responsible in the last hours to ensure that rooms, lighting, water and ventilation facilities were in perfect condition for the arrival of Afghan nationals. These installations, which they called “hotels,” were arranged in buildings to house soldiers and marines when necessary. “The embassy has contacted us to thank us for the support and solidarity, but at the moment they have told us that they do not need logistical support of any kind,” according to municipality sources.

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Access The first Afghans for the American base De Rota coincides with the end of the evacuation of the Spanish government. In all, Spain has expelled 1,900 people from the country since the operation began on August 16.

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