Entertainment: PACTA survey reveals the sector’s revenue crisis

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A recent survey conducted among members of the British Confederation highlights the staggering loss of income and employment in the FEC and beyond.

Data that emerged from your last survey Pakta, Wild Game Operators Association of UK, on ​​the state of the entertainment crisis at a local level. In addition to the sharp decline in gaming site receipts,The survey also showed a significant decline in revenue for other sectors, with an estimated decline of 71.4 percent for bar suppliers, 55.9 percent for winners and 59.1 percent for toy manufacturers and distributors.

“We conducted the poll to show the government that we now need additional support to prevent our members’ actions from failing,” he explains. John White, CEO of Bacta. “We need to cut the VAT rate by 5% from the Treasury, and we met with them to discuss it in a positive meeting last week. Extended tariff cuts should also be expected, and we must especially ensure that the supply chain benefits from any available support. We also require a guarantee to reopen Adult play centers as quickly as possible. “
In addition to declining revenues, in fact, gaming companies and workers are also concerned Subject matter of employment with Fec (Family entertainment center) And it is the most affected, with a loss rate of 16.2%. Professional.

“Interestingly, the job loss, while still horrific, has nothing to do with the potential job loss we anticipated before extending the assistance plan, which averaged around 50 percent of the workforce.” “The government plan has definitely saved jobs and will continue to do so if they stay in some form while the economy resumes work.”
“It is appalling to note that running costs are soaring, as a percentage of business costs encountered during a ‘normal’ year.” Although costs are reduced, the ongoing expense base is so high that it can only be covered by reserves or loans, if There is no income. “

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