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This Tuesday The sixth project to allow the third withdrawal of 10%., Which has a new way to avoid the Constitutional Court.

And they confirmed this from the opposition Al Qaeda seeks to reform the interim clause of the first withdrawal that is already a law that President Sebastian Pinera has issued.

With this change, the project could not be considered unconstitutional, thus avoiding the main obstacle for it to become a reality.

As mentioned, it will be a speech in the event that a quorum is not completed on other projects that will begin processing on Wednesday in the Constitutional Committee of the House of Representatives.

In the document they argue that “the current constitutional reform project is based on the relevant thirty-ninth transitional clause, which was enshrined as a constitutional standard of similar rank to the permanent provisions of the Basic Charter, and is now established, The right to exercise up to twice, partial withdrawal of funds from pension savings for all those who need to resort to the said funds, Which, by the way, belongs to the shareholders themselves. ”

It also adds that it “seeks to abolish the current temporary restriction within the provisions of the thirty-ninth transitional provision, creating a permanent possibility to exercise the right to withdraw without having to do so within the predetermined period of 365 days after the publication of the said ruling. Promotes the idea of ​​facilitating the retention of funds to settle unfulfilled maintenance liabilities debts, The ability to fully implement the provisions of Law No. 21254, which provides for transitional provisions to regulate judicial detention measures for pension funds and suspend the processing of requests for withdrawal of funds due to debts for maintenance obligations.

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finally, The idea of ​​making retirement possible was incorporated for people who chose the annuity methodAnd the prohibition of exercising this withdrawal for those who are paid under Article 38 bis.

The text also highlights that the withdrawals allowed the government to overcome the economic and social crisis with certain degrees of stability, as people were able to rely on their resources and make them available in times of dire need.

The initiative was signed by Representatives of PPD and humanitarian Pamela Giles.

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