Emma Thompson will be Miss Windbreaker for Netflix

Matilda: Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson and Lashana Lynch on the Netflix movie cast Matilda, Based on the popular book by Roald Dahl

Emma Thompson, Lashana Lynch, and Alisha Weir join the cast of Netflix musician designed for the tale of the beloved children Matilda, Directed by Matthew Warschus. In the film based on Roald Dahl’s novel, Emma Thompson You will play Miss Spezzindue, the terrible principal of Matilda Little School, who will be played by Alisha Weir. Lashana Lynch Instead it will be Miss Honey, the school teacher.

The film will be based on the theatrical version of Matilda’s musical novel The London Stages from 2011. “Matilda will be a new and innovative reinterpretation of the award-winning musical, featuring young talents joined by well-known stars. I can’t wait to present this beloved and powerful story to a new generation of fans around the world.”Said director Warchus.

We previously reported that Ralph Fiennes has been in talks for the role of Miss Breakindue, as the role is also played by a man in the musical. The negotiations are clearly not over and now Thompson will have to assume the role of the fearsome manager. Matilda’s little school principal, so conceited, strong and with a sporting past, Miss Spezzindue hates kids – despite her work – and isn’t afraid to punish them. It’s terrorizing the entire organization. It is unclear if Fenice will have a role in the musical.

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The children’s novel was previously adapted for the film in 1996, with Danny DeVito and Mara Wilson directing as the young protagonist, before becoming a musical in London and Broadway.

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