‘Emily in Paris’ unleashes the Netflix effect: Tourists flock to Paris

On the Place de l’Estrapade, a few steps from the Sorbonne, there is a curious bustle in front of the Boulangerie Moderne, the Italian restaurant Terra Nera, and a beautiful building located next door. “It no longer stops. All day long, we see tourists walking around in an overzealous zeal to discover the neighborhood in which the famous Emily livesComment on the application from the independent bookshop at the Place de l’Estrapade. Why since when? Darren Star She chose this Parisian square as one of the main venues for the hit series she wrote for Netflix, “Emily in Paris.” Dozens of girls come every day to take selfies or to be photographed by their partners, like this Danish couple the Express interviewed weekly. “I watched the whole series in a few days and loved it. My friends are going to die laughing as I walk past Emily’s favorite restaurant,” Camila said, followed by her partner: “We didn’t explicitly come here to Paris for this, but almost. A visit to these parts was inevitable.”

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