Elon Musk presents his idea of ​​creating “multiplanetary life”

Staging could be called simple if there wasn’t a multimillion-dollar space rocket installed on its platform behind the scenes. In Boca Chica, South Texas (USA), Elon Musk She set up her own Cape Canaveral. It was in that flat area near the coast and near the Gulf of Mexico that he spoke, among other things, of the ship with which his company SpaceX It plans to take humans to Mars. In addition, this rocket is believed to be key to the Artemis program with which NASA has resumed the space race to restore the United States to its place as a country on the moon once again. An interesting and marketing project that also takes into account the economic problems left by the coronavirus pandemic that spurred Joe Biden’s trillion-dollar plan to bring about revitalization. Similarly, according to Elon Musk, NASA consumes 0.36% of the annual budget of the United States. Very little, according to his view, considering that it is a matter of thinking about the lives of our children and grandchildren on a planet with a complex future.

Destiny, Mars. In any case, for Elon Musk, the sky is not the limit and the evidence has already moved from plans to concrete facts. Late on a Thursday afternoon, he climbed onto said stage alone, the missile behind him only lit up at first, two side screens, a visible guardian, an audience of guests and several members of the band convey similar enthusiasm to the viewer Tim Cook as he puts on a new show. product of manzana. Fortunately, Musk wasn’t a pastor on television, although that was the initial impression until he started talking. Neutral but confident in tone, he could have used the first part of his speech Leonardo DiCaprio In his characterization of Dr. Randall Mindy, in the movie Don’t Look Up. The richest man in the world began with a question: Why do we create multi-planet life? Something bad can happen to the planet, in fact there are no longer dinosaurs circling the world. In addition to the calamities that humankind inflicts on themselves, there is the possibility of natural disasters.Musk said. “I am an optimist and perhaps that is why I think there is absolutely no possibility of all this happening. But in a few million years the sun will expand making it impossible to breathe on Earth and destroying human life. We are the guardians of life, the agents of nature. This makes us multi-planetary beings. : We are the only ones who can build spaceships, and animals can’t, but we can take them with us. This is important for those of us who care about the environment and everyone who inhabits it.(…) Turning so-called science fiction into something real is what drives me today to go further than any thing else “.

“Turning science fiction into something real is what keeps me going.”

challenges. A city on Mars is a wish that Musk expressed again in his presentation and in terms of technology, he highlighted some design changes that will make it possible to cut costs. Also used as a scene – although it’s impossible not to see it from a distance – Musk displayed the Starship spacecraft on its booster – called the Super Heavy – on his company’s newly built orbital launch pad. The entrepreneur’s idea, and he has emphasized it many times, is that these missiles are reusable, an almost essential quality to reduce costs. According to some specialized websites that track SpaceX’s space development, if this Musk project succeeds, the Starship will become the most powerful rocket in the entire history of astronomy, with twice the power of the Saturn V, the NASA rocket used by astronauts to reach the Moon.

In principle, July 2021 was the scheduled date of the Starship’s orbital test flight, but … things happened. Nor did it occur in January, and although this time Musk did not give a date for such a delayed test, it is estimated that by the end of February, the FAA (in the US) will provide an “environmental assessment that has been studied what the impact of a missile launch from this Dimensions in part of the rural coast of Texas.In that area, local authorities have received complaints about the potential consequences for the local ecosystem.Given this and if the above-mentioned report includes modifications to SpaceX, Elon Musk expects to transfer some of the company’s operational problems to Cape Kennedy, in Florida.

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