A Colombian resident in Ukraine talks about a possible invasion of Russia

With this scenario, Frediani Gómez, a Colombian residing in Ukraine, said, Noticias told Caracol thatalthough in Ukraine there is anxiety, There is no general panic As it appears in the rest of the world.

Gomez, who has been in that country since September 2021, stresses that there are people who are worried that the situation will not escalate, But everyday life goes on.

“We’re fine, we’re calm. We keep going to the movies, we keep going to the mall,” the Colombian said.

Gomez, who lives in Kharkov with his Ukrainian wife, works as a tour guide and says: The calm in the streets is the opposite of the alarms that have been set off from the West.

In fact, he debunks it very quietly: “I am 35 km from Russia. I’m 40 minutes from the border and there’s no tension here. It’s not that I woke up with planes, helicopters, or tanks flying overhead.”

In fact, two of Gomez’s Colombian colleagues live in Kiev, the capital UkraineAnd They also report calm. They told him that everything is quiet, that tourists keep arriving and that they keep making tours.

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News of a possible invasion of Russia For Ukraine, nothing new

In her story for Noticias Caracol, Frediany Gómez says that the versions about The Russian invasion has been the daily bread for years.

People are already tired of the same situation every month. The same topic, which sometimes gets more intense […]But people here don’t even pay attention to this issue.”

The purity of Gomez contradicts the declaration made by President Evan Duque when Opening the way for Colombians residing in Ukraine to request assistance to leave that country.

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My clear instructions to the State Department are that it can Contact all persons whose residence in Ukraine has been registeredDuke said, so that whoever wants to get away from the tension in that area.

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