Bridgerton is Netflix’s fifth most-watched series in its first season

Netflix confirmed Bridgerton’s huge success by publishing some data: With its first season, the series has become among the most-watched series of all time.

Over the past ten days, the series Netflix Bridgerton He talked a lot about himself. The success she enjoys is undeniable. But the streaming platform wanted to celebrate such incredible popularity with numbers in hand. The title has stayed for days now First place in the top ten in service And this is before our eyes. What we did not know is that the same situation is being repeated in 76 other countries.

But there’s more. According to estimates Netflix, I also mentioned before variety, The first season of Bridgerton Prepare to arrive well within the first 28 days of uploading to the platform 63 million homes. That number would make the title The fifth most-watched TV series out of all the original content on the service. The show also helped make December 2020 and days between 25 and 31 the best month and weekend in terms of total viewing hours and average per subscriber.

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Having said that, we must not forget it Netflix It calculates “ratings” in a completely different way compared to a traditional television network. In fact, the numbers released by the service are based on the number of users who have viewed certain content even for just two minutes. As mentioned at the beginning, however, a success Bridgerton It really is indisputable. On Rotten Tomatoes, for example, it had a 92% approval rating.

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Not bad for the first one TV series Of the product Shondaland for every Netflix. So the future of the title should be guaranteed now, even if we wait for an official confirmation. At this point, we can’t wait to see what he can build Shonda Rhimes With his projects coming to service and from them Anna’s innovation e Notes on love.

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