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Everything is ready for Super Bowl 2022 in the US. America’s most anticipated evening guests and previews with the very charming Katy Perry.

between night February 13 and 14 Finally one of the most anticipated events in United States of America. This year’s Super Bowl will keep millions of viewers glued to the small screen to enjoy the show. According to tradition, in addition to the American football final, the outline of the show is the protagonist. In recent years, we’ve seen the world’s biggest pop stars perform in the midfield of Jennifer Lopez For Shakira by Queen Beyonce.

Singer Katy Perry (ANSA)

Sports but also a lot of entertainment and this year will definitely be one of the most anticipated guests of the show Eminem. The rapper is a true USA icon in the world and he is giving many fans who are waiting for his live performance. Wait is heaven too Snoopy Dogg, Dr. Dre and Mary J. Blige, all the artists who are going to make the audience go crazy in the stands and even the artists at home on the sofa. From Eminem first rumors reveal that there will be popular songs like My name is And love your self.

Katy Perry in the Super Bowl

Katy Perry Super Bowl
Katy Perry on Instagram (@instagram)

Show the first half It is among the most awaited moments in Energy And in years past, there have been many queens of pop who made this moment epic. This year it is up to the American hip-hop scene to make history amidst greetings and encouragement from experienced colleagues like Jay Z.

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In 2015, caught the scene of a sports event Katy Perry. Her magical voice and the enchanting atmosphere of the show made that moment unique. 2022 brings other news. For the first time, in fact, the five guest performers will perform together on stage, moreover, thirty years later, the Super Bowl will be held in California.

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Katy Perry He appears on Instagram with a crazy look and a clear sign of belonging to the event. Will he be a guest on stage or will he still cheer in the audience? There is a shroud of mystery surrounding the international pop star’s shot, which we’ll discover soon. In Italy, it will be possible to watch the entire show only on the digital platform Dazen.

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