Good news for parents, Facebook once again create an Instagram for the kids!

Facebook Inc is building a version of Instagram for children under the age of 13. What is the purpose of this step?

release BloombergOn Friday (3/19/2021), Instagram Kids aims to introduce their popular products to the next generation of internet users. However, the app has not yet been officially launched.

“The new app was announced internally on Thursday (3/18/2021) but has yet to be launched. Instagram requires users to be at least 13 years old,” she said. BuzzFeed.

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Instagram, which Facebook bought a billion Dollars The United States becomes one of the most popular products when its main application is not reaching young users.

Facebook spokesperson Joe Osborne said, “More and more children are asking their parents if they can join social media apps. At the moment, there aren’t as many options, as we did with Messenger Kids.”

According to Osborne, his party is exploring bringing the Instagram playing experience under parental control.

former, The social networking site Facebook Messenger Kids development for pre-pubescent users; It includes a number of parental controls.

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