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Many Britons may have expected the heatwave-like conditions seen earlier this week over a four-day bank weekend, but the latest weather forecasts show the UK is on the way to a drastic change. Temperatures are expected to drop to single digits this weekend, with Easter Monday scheduled for cooler conditions as snow is expected across most of the UK.

Jim Dale of British Weather Services told Express.co.uk that the change in conditions will be “progressive” as we start to see a drop in mercury later this week.

He said: “The coldest day will be Monday with the possibility of snow or snow, especially in the north and east of the country.”

The meteorologist said that cold waves and the possibility of winter rains will not be limited to the northern parts.

“The buds could be anywhere. The whole country goes into winter,” he added.

Dale explained that the noticeable change in weather conditions, in contrast to the high temperatures recorded on Tuesday, is due to a change in air flow.

The Easter holiday is characterized by cool temperatures and winter conditions (Image: Netweather)

UK Weather Forecast: On Good Friday, April 2, temperatures could drop to -2 ° C in Wales by 12 p.m. (Image: Netweather)

He said, “A cold front, which was falling on northwest Scotland for the last time, that began to move south through the United Kingdom.”

By Monday, another weather front from Scandinavia will move, causing winter valleys in the UK.

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This would lead to a week of below average temperatures, night frosts and the risk of snowfall, Dell said.

The forecaster said weekends will be very mild, with cold mornings and frost risks before warming up a bit in the afternoon.

He said mercury is expected to reach 11 degrees Celsius or 12 degrees Celsius in the south this weekend, before falling further on Easter Monday to 7 degrees Celsius or 8 degrees Celsius.

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Easter weather forecast Bureau of Meteorology snow cold temperatures latest

Easter Weather Forecast: Saturdays and Sundays will be milder (Image: Netweather)

Dell said temperatures will be cooler in the north and along the east coast, with a drop of -3 ° C.

The latest weather charts also show that the Easter weekend is going to be especially cool.

Temperatures on Good Friday, April 2, could drop to -2 ° C in Wales by 12 noon, according to Netweather.

In the rest of the country, mercury is not expected to exceed 4 ° C.

Saturdays and Sundays are expected to be warmer, with temperature charts predicting a 13 ° C rise in Scotland at 3 pm, with an average of 10 ° C across England.

But mercury is expected to decline significantly overnight and during Easter Monday, with a drop of -10 ° C in Scotland expected at 6 am.

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Easter weather forecast Bureau of Meteorology snow cold temperatures latest

Easter weather forecast: lows of -10 ° C in Scotland at 6 am Monday (Photo: Netweather)

Easter weather forecast Bureau of Meteorology snow cold temperatures latest

Easter Weather Forecast: Cold conditions seem to coincide with snowfall, with snow hazard charts covering large swaths of the UK at 6am (Photo: Netweather)

Temperatures are expected to drop to -4 ° C in northern England, while in the south they appear to remain above freezing.

Cold conditions seem to coincide with snowfall, with snow hazard charts covering vast swaths of the UK at 6am on Monday.

The weather map shows parts of Scotland, northern England, Wales and the Midlands covered with white areas, indicating 100 percent snowfall risk.

Southern England turns bright red, indicating an up to 85% snowfall risk.

The risk of snowfall continues throughout the day.

The United Kingdom records the coldest temperatures

UK Weather Forecast: Snowfall and freezing temperatures (Image: Express)

The Met Office is also expecting snow at the weekend.

Vice President of Meteorology Mark Sedaway said: “After a warm and stable season with lots of sunshine, especially in England and Wales, our weather will change significantly later in the weekend.

“The extremely cold Arctic air will move from the northwest until Sunday, causing snow and freezing temperatures all night long.

Snow showers will affect mostly the north and west of the UK.

“The south and east are likely to remain drier, but still colder, with less likely winter rains.”

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