United States of America: George Floyd’s trial continues with new images of what happened after his death

Madrid, 1 (Europe Press)

On Wednesday, new camera photos were released by police officer Derek Chauvin accused of killing George Floyd during the trial in which Chauvin faces up to 40 years in prison.

New photos show how, after Floyd’s death, Chauvin returns to the patrol car and interacts with a witness scolding him.

“What I saw was wrong,” said Charles Macmillan, the 61-year-old witness, who testified at the third session of the trial.

“This is your personal opinion,” Chauvin replied. “We have to control this guy because he’s a big guy. He might have something,” CNN quoted the former police officer as saying.

In the moments before death, Floyd can be heard saying he’s claustrophobic, calling out to his mom, and warning that he can’t breathe.

At this session, Christopher Martin, a 19-year-old cashier who was denounced for giving Floyd a fake $ 20 bill, testified through crying, who he said felt guilty about what happened.

Genevieve Hansen, an out-of-service firefighter, testified that she had accused the police of preventing her from helping the victim.

Floyd’s death in May sparked a wave of racial equality demonstrations in the United States last year.

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