Padusa in quarantine in Australia: ‘I feel abandoned’

Spanish tennis player Paula Padosa Described An extended quarantine period ahead of the Australian OpenAfter testing for coronavirus, like The worst moment in his careerAdding that she felt abandoned by the organizers.

Padusa, which ranks 67th in the world, He was the first player to test positive for the virus upon arrival in Australia Before the tournament and It is not possible to leave your hotel room Until January 31. If she is discovered to have the new coronavirus, Padosa will return to training only from February 5, so Paula thinks it is too late to get back in shape. The Grand Slam, which has been postponed for three weeks due to the disruption caused by the pandemic, will take place from February 8 to 21.

“I feel abandoned Because I don’t have the training equipment I ordered five days ago, They didn’t tell me what kind of virus I had“I had no information about the tournament,” Padosa told the Marca newspaper. He also added that he was suffering from Anxiety and fear of enclosed spaces, That his physical exercises are limited to sitting in his hotel room and using water bottles as weights to try to keep fit. The 23-year-old tennis player added that the room she shared with coach Javier Marti was not suitable for elite athletes.

Paula Padosa suspects she will not have time to bounce back at the Australian Open if she is locked in a hotel room too long.

“It is by far the worst experience of my career.”Padosa said. “The conditions here are regrettable, I did not expect. What people most recommend when you have the virus is to open windows to let in air, however I don’t have windows in my hotel room and it’s barely 15 square meters. ”. “I lost a lot of my physical condition, especially my strength. If I manage to go out on January 31, I will have a week to get back in shape.” He said in an interview with Marca, “If it was February 5th it would be impossible to recover in time.”

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72 players have been booked in hotel rooms for two weeks after passengers on three charter flights to Australia tested positive.

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