Donald is more and more at the top

Trump is not giving up, nor does he agree to relinquish the media spotlight. In fact, Donald comes back to talk about it and amaze with “special effects,” or so he hopes. Announcing the arrival, probably next month, of A new social platform called “The Truth” – The TruthOwned by Trump Media and Technology Group (TMG).

The former US president, banned from Twitter and Facebook for his controversial posts, wants to make his voice heard again: “We live in a world where the Taliban has a large Twitter presence, while your favorite president remains silent. This is unacceptable!” Whether it’s just a new paranoid idea from Trump or already the start of his self-candidacy in the 2024 election?

What is certain is that Trump speaks for himself to Americans by continuing to define himself.”Your favorite boss.” An indication that in an Ipsos poll conducted last May 25, he believes in him deeply and is proud of him. Five months ago, in fact, 53% of Americans think that ‘real boss’ from the United States. But he already imagined this, he says: “He always knew America was smart”. The problem is that the remaining 47% is not insignificant – which contributed to his obscuration in the political arena.

However, Trump never heard back. So much so that he tried to prove it when he wanted to in Arizona and demanded a recount, convinced that the election result in that state was annulled. It was a real flip for the former president: current US President Joe Biden’s victory was confirmed at election time. Already – as they say – in addition to harm and insult. According to the report submitted to the Arizona Senate, in Maricopa County, of which Phoenix is ​​the capital, Biden received 99 more votes than counted; While Trump 261 lower. And here, “Donald” returns home with “a handful of flies” in his hand The stolen voting theory. No one played a dirty role, the Americans simply, after many years, decided to change for themselves and for the sake of their nation.

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His personality, narcissistic and pompous, has managed to create a space of visibility on the media every day. Like when he pleaded a few days agoExecutive Franchise, the right not to disclose information, and to sue the National Archives and the Parliamentary Committee investigating the assault on Capitol Hill to prevent disclosure of the requested documents. However, Joe Biden has no intention of stopping the transfer of documents.

How many words to deny defeat?
In the wake of the defeat, at his first rally in Ohio, former US President Donald Trump continued to assert that the 2020 election was a “big hoax.”. Thousands of people participated in MAGA, to support Trump, the businessman. Once again, from the height of his sheer humility – so to speak – he determined the winner as one “A disgrace to America; a complete disgrace.” He said the new “tenant” of the White House would destroy the country. Meanwhile, by escaping the ritual of passing the wand between presidents, he’s destroying a century-old history of respect between winners and losers who have succeeded each other in the White House.

“I don’t want to destroy democracy, I am trying to save American democracy.” Democrats are dishonest people, they talk about workers but do nothing for them. This is Donald’s predictable strategy: With a Republican Congress next year they will fight for workers, for America First, they will put an end to illegal immigration, they will restore the right. For freedom of expression, they will face China. And then, as a final development to “touch” people’s hearts, the children: “We will teach our children to respect and love the country.” We will never give up, our movement is not yet over: our battle is just beginning. We will make America strong, rich, strong and secure.” “We will bring America back soon” – Trump concluded. “Make America Great Again”. The Trump campaign slogan is always the same and always up to date. Make America Great Again. Anyone who doesn’t think so is not Trump. More: He’s an enemy. Making enemies is risky, but it’s still a strategy.

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Outside of biographies, who is Donald Trump?
Is Trump the American puppeteer who mocked companies between one victory and another? Is he a “father’s son” looking only for fame and theatre? Or is it the giant of the American economy? Perhaps part of the three, the American “fo Mattia Pascal” who always manages to be reborn from his ashes. The perfect blend of self-centeredness and self-celebration, a mixture of bravado, failures and real successes. It is the classic example of “As long as you talk about it”. He is clearly the most wanted man in the press. A strategist “sharpening” himself day in and day out Marketing strategyHe reached the top of power both economically and politically. The secret is to adapt, apparently, to the basic rules of communication. I play with people’s imaginations.He wrote in his book in 1989 Trump: The Art of Doing Business, exaggerated life, from ‘real exaggeration’as he calls it. He’s tried his hand in every kind of sector, sometimes in a paranoid fashion: from real estate companies to steakhouses, from casinos to beauty queens.

Not all that glitters is gold
Whatever he “touches”… takes his title. widget and access 269 Of the 515 companies that Trump personally belongs to. Companies that, even in capital and gold, bear the Trump name. Those who are not his property are granted a license to use his name. Another strategy, which is Brand name Born in Franchising. Not only hotels and buildings, but also board game and steaks – served in his restaurants, a collection of neckties and T-shirts Donald J Trump signature collection, Still water, Israeli energy drinks, cologne, Virginia wine, vodka, and furniture.

The Trump Organization owns hotels, palaces, and golf courses around the world. However, their real estate companies do not have the overwhelming power that Trump wants us to believe. He may be an industrial mogul in New York, but he actually doesn’t make it to the top ten real estate entrepreneurs in the city. Casinos, football and air campaigns, on the other hand, ended badly. Trump has long called the failure – which his opponents have used as an attack during elections, events and rallies – as a “good job”. This is also a perfectly timed strategy: in this way you have managed to get out of the crisis sector in Atlantic City.

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The US Federal Election Commission has revealed that 15 companies linked to Trump have a total debt to banks of $270 million. Also on this occasion, with bravado, Trump made it clear that he is not leaning on Wall Street, because he does not need the money. He is so rich that he can finance himself. Donald sees his failures as being tired of having too much. As soon as he buys the property, they carry him. For him the important thing is research, not ownership. A rather complex logic, almost impossible to understand: try to explain it to those who want to buy a house and cannot or to those who, after years and years of sacrifices, have been forced to close their business. Ownership will be enough for them, not research.

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