The Chestnut Man, like the Netflix crime series

behind You are NS squid gameAmong the ten most popular titles on Netflix, a television series with a strange title has appeared. chestnut man, read on the Internet, where the summary returned to the viewer the image of the Danish novel, adapted from the novel by Soren Svestrup in 2018. Author of the book the kill, After that, it didn’t make much noise. His thriller, divided between past and present, was received indifferently by the audience. Who, however, once found his TV counterpart, decided to give him a chance, and for good reason too. chestnut man, a six-episode miniseries, is not a memorable product, and this should be obvious to anyone who approaches it with high hopes. but, The show is based on a well-constructed case, capable of surprising and surprising, to bring the viewer into a real world, where gender stereotypes seem (at least in part) forgotten.

chestnut man It’s the story of a misogynist massacre. Three women were killed and maimed, each one for the same reason. The killer seems to regard them as neglectful mothers, attributing more blame to them which makes it just a legitimate reality analysis. Next to the corpses, the killer leaves young men, without hands or feet, made of chestnuts. Above, the imprint of a little girl who thought she was dead. Serial Killer Jobs tells a dark story in which the past plays a dominant role. There is a policy, in its plot, the recklessness of often selfish children. There is sadness and suffering, a willingness to take revenge for mistakes that cannot be corrected. And there is the ability to list everything in near-perfect colours.

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chestnut man, which, although said to be not a masterpiece, one of those enduring ones carved in stone in the history of television, found the right balance between drama and the needs of the spectator. The story is quirky enough to keep the beholder’s attention alive, the episodes are short-lived and not too short. The series promises to be self-sufficient and the characters have the few flaws necessary to make them targets for sympathy and empathy. Therefore, looking at him will not change your life, but he will certainly be able to give you a few hours of pleasant and reasonable entertainment.

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