“Do what you’re good at.”

WithLatan Ibrahimovi was really in his element again. This time politically committed athletes shed their fat in one pass, which is forbidden for the self-proclaimed soccer god Ibra. “Do what you’re good at.” The Milan striker star said in an interview with UEFA to Discovery + in Sweden, “Stick to it, no less than basketball superstar LeBron James.

He admires James for what he’s doing on Earth. Ibrahimovic said, “It’s exceptional, but I don’t like people having a certain stature and then going out and doing politics. I play football because I’m the best there. I don’t practice politics. If I wanted to, I would have entered politics.”

But Ibrahimovic reprimanded him, he got it wrong. “King James” cannot be silenced, as he has demonstrated time and time again in times of social turmoil in the United States. And so the transatlantic comeback coach immediately followed him. “I will in no way limit myself to sport.” The 36-year-old said after his victory at the Los Angeles Lakers 102: 93 over Portland Friday night, “I know the power of my voice.

Among other things, he uses his voice to fight racism: basketball superstar LeBron James

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He will never shut up about the wrong things. I preach about my people and preach about equality, social injustice, racism and voter persecution. James explained the things that happen in our church. James continued for a long time: “As an athlete, you should be grateful to be able to throw the ball, dribble the ball, and swing a baseball bat. You don’t have to talk about anything else. That is not the case anymore. That won’t be the case for long.” .

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