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Uwe Jäntsch has a message, but he trusts the power of art and remains cheerful in the Bregenz collective.

Brigins It wasn’t the splendid part of Venice or even a wing in Giardini that Uwe Jansch played at the Biennale 53. Vorarlberg’s artist showed how things go downhill, catch sight and touch emotion, in the deserted industrial ruins of the harbor area. There he created a city – in small parts with a store and pharmacy, but also with evidence of trade and waste of resources. The appearance at one of the most important galleries in the world happened about ten years ago, at that time the Jäntsch, whose term was of remarkably little value, was already in Palermo, reviving a shabby neighborhood with paint and brush. He avoided taking over designers who discovered rickety elegance in bold, offensive terms.

It was assumed that he would not accept an invitation from the collegiate assembly, located in Morajas in Briggs, to present works of art there. “I’m going to make you a real estate office, I’m going to put a really nice beef in the ambitious state capital,” says project documents that can be found. It started on Friday evening – of course, taking into account the ban on events – and from Saturday until the foreseeable future, the intervention will remain in the city center.

How the environment works

He explained his decision in an interview with the United Nations: “When asked what drove people in the last year, other than the virus, to the emergence of real estate relatively quickly.” In the field of art, it is true that speculation is also related to real estate, but it has increased to such an extent that almost everyone is affected by it. Years ago, Yanch put a fright on a building in Bregenz that was on the verge of demolition. He still relies on simple tactics when he turns the building contractor’s slogan “We buy your property” into a blackboard. This makes you think. About standardizing architecture, materials, and what the environment makes of people. The themes are not new, but they are motivating because Yanch has mastered the play and has confidence in the power of art.

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“Home demolition is now a good business.”

Works can only be viewed from outside.

Works can only be viewed from outside.

The Collective Cultural Association becomes a real estate agency.

The Collective Cultural Association becomes a real estate agency.

Speculation that gnaws our space

“A really nice chunk of fat.”

The gallery is designed to be viewed only from the street. Address: Maurachgasse 1, Bregenz. End of the exhibition is open.

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