Denmark and Finland should not be played

The European Championship that was due to us from last year has begun and now that the ball is finally rolling again, in the first change, it has already given us a huge dread in the person of the Dane. Christian
Eriksen (First of all, remember everyone who helped him in the garden and saved his life.)

But the episode that happened left a question in the air. Was the game supposed to continue? I have clear. No. How many times have we seen players from a team leave the field after, say, a teammate received racial insults? Well, what happened in the meeting between Denmark s Finland She was the same or more serious.

What happened to Eriksen, if it really affected us watching it on TV, I can imagine what went through the minds of the Danish players. It should have affected them significantly, as we have seen. Many of them cried and prayed, so they were not ready to continue playing on an equal footing with the opponent.

More than ten minutes they were on the field suffering from Eriksen. When it takes so long for such a serious cause, it is only fair to suspend the game. Like it or not, the players are no longer on the field. Because I’m sure more than one of them thought it could have happened to him. So you can’t keep playing. Eriksen died for a few minutes. This puts fear in the body of anyone, even the strongest. It’s in the players’ minds, and therefore, it didn’t surprise me that Finland ended up winning.

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I look back and luckily I’ve never had to go through such a situation on a football field, even though I’ve had colleagues and friends, like Berezzo s BozankoWhose heart prevented them from continuing to play. Others like Antonio Puerta s Danny Jark Passed away. All footballers went for medical check-ups at the start of every season with some uncertainty.

Health comes first, therefore, I still don’t understand why Denmark and Finland play.

first favorite

It’s still too early to make judgments, but there are really choices I like. Italy s Belgium, although these are from Martinez They can fail in the long run. I loved Netherlands and Ukraine. These are from Frank de Boer They play nice and attack. Should be taken into account, such as CroatiaEven if he loses to the strong England. Would you like to see her today? France s Germany.

In Barcelona, ​​there is a lot of movement

I follow the news in a short time with Joan Laporta In the front there is already a lot of movement, too much. I had hoped there would be ups and downs in football, which is the most important section of the club, but not in the form of a farewell in handball, which does not cease to please us. I do not understand. Things that go well are left as they are and rushing is a bad advisor.

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