Santa Claus sends a message to children about COVID-19 from Finland

Santa Clause He said boys and girls, who Finland, Who must communicate with loved ones remotely to avoid infection Covid-19. Photo: Reuters.

Through governmental organizations Finland, A cold country located in northern Europe, Santa Clause A A special message for boys and girls From all over the world are already looking forward to playing them under the Christmas tree; This message is from Santa Clause It seeks to educate minors in times of crisis Corona Virus (Covid-19).

In a video he posted on Twitter by Visit Finland (The National Tourism Organization FinlandAnd a copy from the embassy Finland In Mexico, Santa Clause I talked about Covid-19:

“2020 has been a very strange year. In these difficult times, efforts must be made to stay safe and surrounded (spiritually) with friends and family. Remember: Christmas is a celebration of love (not just gifts).”

Santa Clause Ago Finland.

Santa Clause at Finland And the Covid-19

He sits in a chair in his warm home Santa Claus VillageAmusement park located in Lapland, Finland, Where it is believed to have originated Santa ClauseThis character, loved by girls and boys, added:

“As long as they can’t see all of their friends and family (according to Covid-19), Be sure to tell them how much you care about them and how you think about them over a call, letters, and postcards. Thoughts and smiles are the best ways to spread happiness and peace around us. I am Santa Clause, I send my regards and goodwill to you Ago FinlandI wish you a lot of happiness in 2021. “

For weeks, Santa Clause Walk around the world to see that there are no difficulties in their ways; Pictured, in Jerusalem, Israel. Photo: Reuters.

Santa Clause in the UK

Epidemic Covid-19 Will not prevent Santa Clause Hand out your gifts, The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom said, Boris JohnsonIn a letter posted to provide guarantees for an eight-year-old boy named Monty, he asked, via another letter, whether he was Santa Clause Gifts can be distributed this year, due to the restrictions that the world is facing due to the health emergency.

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