Delta variable in the US could lead to a rethink among conservatives

sHill Valentine is a conservative radio talk show host from Tennessee, whose fate is currently being watched with great interest by parts of the American public. He belongs to a plethora of conservative figures in the media who have portrayed the coronavirus pandemic as harmless and deemed unnecessary or dangerous vaccinations or measures by a visiting country. Valentine has Covid and is fighting for his life.

The 61-year-old is just a local figure, albeit with a lot of interest in Tennessee and neighboring states. A much larger number in the vaccine skeptic group is Tucker Carlson, star ratings at Fox News, who systematically airs skepticism about vaccination policy on his evening broadcasts and offers opponents of vaccination campaigns and other government measures to combat the virus a platform. His colleague Laura Ingraham also relentlessly spreads questionable information, such as that the virus is completely harmless to children.

Kennedy family opponents of vaccination

Invisible to the general public are people like Ty and Charlene Bollinger who have millions of followers on social media. The Associated Press has found that Trump fans earn millions from advertising, selling newsletter subscriptions and anti-vaccination books. According to the research, you are coordinating with attorney Robert Kennedy Jr., who may even be one of the most influential advocates against vaccinations.

The descendants of the well-known family firmly believe that vaccines provoked autism and participate in theses in which the epidemic is linked to ultra-fast 5G network or other conspiracies. Kennedy is a member of the “Dozens of Disinformation” with the Bollingers. With this questionable title, the “Center for Combating Digital Hate” honors the twelve personalities who, according to their assessment, are responsible for 65 percent of false reports about the virus and how to fight it on social media. They clearly have an effect. Until a few weeks ago, America’s vaccination policy could have been described as an impressive success story.

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The Warp Speed ​​program that began under President Donald Trump has significantly accelerated vaccine development, with the unexpected positive result that many vaccines are now available to combat the pandemic. President Joe Biden made rapid vaccine distribution one of his policy priorities in the first few weeks after taking office, resulting in the entirety of fifty percent of Americans being vaccinated; 57 percent received at least one dose.

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