Deferred rate hike: What happens when it rises – Economy

Deferred rate hike: What happens when it rises - Economy

It seemed like the ‘good’ time. Instead Expected rate hike by the Federal Reserve, Central Bank of the United States, was still postponed. It could happen in March. Probably. At the moment, the cost of money remains unchanged, between 0 and 0.25%. At a press conference today – in Italy it was the 20th – President Jerome Powell identified The rate increase is appropriate in the short term. The meeting will be crucial to march, if current conditions, especially on the inflation front, do not change.

The first effect of the decision was to postpone the decision again Signs of “appreciation” from Wall Street. The Dow Jones rose 1.16%, the Nasdaq advanced 3.23%, and the S&P 500 rose 2.10%.

What happens to consumers when interest rates go up

The main consequence of higher interest rates is Increase in the cost of borrowed money. One of the reasons why central banks raise interest rates is Intent to tackle inflation, when this is considered too high. In this way, the increase in costs is “passed on” to consumers and businesses, specifically through the appreciation of borrowed money. This is what consumers see reduced their purchasing power: Therefore, they will tend to save more.

What happens to a country’s currency when interest rates rise?

With the rise in interest rates by the central bank of the country, Its currency becomes “heavier”. Reason? Higher interest rates attract investments from foreign savers, who live in countries where the rate of return is low.

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What happens to companies when interest rates rise?

An increase in interest rates also generally leads to The slowdown in the growth of companies and various economic activities. As consumers tend to save more, their spending on goods and services will shrink. situation that leads to discount From cash flow to businesses, then p Revenues. Another effect of the increase in the cost of borrowed funds low investment By existing businesses and a general decrease in the number of new business openings. On the other hand, companies that provide financial services can benefit from higher interest rates.

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