Google Duplex is available almost in all of the USA … except for Louisiana

Enrico Gargello

Remember the duplex, service Google Who exploits theArtificial intelligence To implement Calls e Automatic bookings? More than two years after its introduction, it is in good working order 49 From United States of America It intends, at least for the time being, to stop without offering its support to Louisiana Due to incompatibility with poorly defined local laws.

The Compliance with laws Local may be the main reason for the slow distribution Duplex In the United States: sometimes Google It had to implement some services to make it legal, and in other cases it was enough to wait for the legislation to change.

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Google left everyone speechless when it introduced Duplex, only to know, over time, that the service is only partially automating calls because there is a fair need for human intervention, while now 99% Of calls Carried out by the service fully Automated.

There are still many restaurants and other activities that are Mis-understanding Service, believing that it is automatic calls SpamHowever, this year it will be interesting to note, as businesses resume, how this service will be exploited and how it will grow.

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