Investigations and suspension: Who risks losing his pension?

Investigations and suspension: Who risks losing his pension?

As is the case every year, the controlssnooze On the Italians who see them annuities But they live abroad. Also in 2022, the entity is sending forms to be completed to ensure that those receiving the pension are still alive.

How does the campaign work?

All this is done in order to avoid payments to deceased persons whom the INPS has not yet known due to the objective difficulties in obtaining information from those who live in countries outside national borders, especially pensioners transferred to places where the exchange of information can be very problematic. as we read InvestireoggiCitibank, the body responsible for ensuring regular payments to INPS, is the body that distributes funds to those outside Italy. Therefore, even if the assessment is carried out by INPS, it is actually carried out by Citibank.

Two stages to find out who is alive

Verification of whether a retired abroad is alive is carried out in two stages: the first includes retirees residing in Europe, Africa and Oceania; The second stage, all Italians residing in the rest of the world (United States, South America, East). For 2022, the first phase will begin on February 7 when Citibank will mail packages and forms to be completed and delivered by June 7. There is a margin, so 4 months. However, for countries that are in stage two, the forms will be submitted on September 14 and there will be time until January 12, 2023. If INPS does not receive any documents within these time margins, INPS will continue to suspend pension payments.

How is existence revealed?

In support of what is written, and to ensure that it is in life, retirees will have to fill out forms with all its parts as well as provide supporting documents such as a copy of an identity document with a photo. After that, it will be necessary to contact the assistance service that Citibank provides to pensioners: at this stage, a video call between the pensioner and the employee is also provided thanks to the service that will be provided by INPS and the State Department with a joint venture. Unfortunately, the process is certainly long and cumbersome: after filling out the form received from Citibank, the pensioner will have to send a full copy of it also to the corporate email address of the consular office in the country of residence.

The last step concerns the consular office, which will communicate with the pensioner using tools such as Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom and others, through which you will start the video call.

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