Debate news live: updates, fact-checking, and reactions after confronting Trump and Biden head-on

Debate news live: updates, fact-checking, and reactions after confronting Trump and Biden head-on
Joe Biden and Donald Trump fight for the Electoral College victory

Donald Trump and Joe Biden did what no one thought was possible, and they had a remarkably civil debate, with both candidates playing by the rules to minimize boycotts and stay mostly on the topic.

While both couldn’t resist working with rhetorical punches and big speeches, they each had the full opportunity to present their case to the American people on the coronavirus pandemic, race in America, climate change, national security and leadership, in what was the last debate before the election. day.

In their latest message to voters choosing another candidate, Biden said he will be president of all Americans while Trump has said that success and moving forward with growth opportunities will bring the country together.

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Four key notes from the discussion

For those wanting to catch up on the main points from last night’s scene, Griffin Connolly has the four fast food, here:

Gino SpokiaOctober 23, 2020 11:18


The debates on social media seem to be pushing Melania

Although the embarrassing moments between Donald and Melania Trump are not uncommon, Thursday’s debate saw an interaction between the spouses that was so bizarre that people don’t know what to do with it.

Viewers noticed that when the debate between the President and Joe Biden ended, and both partners made their way onto the stage, only to Melania to quickly force her hand to turn away from her husband.

Other users indicated that the president seemed to be pushing it as they walked off the stage.

Greg Evans report:

People debate whether Melania pulled her hand away from Trump after the discussion

The embarrassing moments between Donald and Melania Trump are not uncommon, but Thursday’s debate saw an interaction between the couple that was so weird that people don’t know what to do with it. At the end of the final debate between the President and Joe Biden, both partners made their way onto the stage. While everything looked rosy between Biden, there was a

Gino SpokiaOctober 23, 2020 11:04


Trump report on fact: Coronavirus will not ‘go away’

The opening topic of the debate was entirely predictable – but Donald Trump appeared unable to explain how he planned to deal with the virus that has killed more than 220,000 Americans, or defend his administration’s response.

Trump claimed, “We’re approaching the turn, we’re approaching the corner,” even as cases spike again across the country. It will be gone.

In turn, Mr. Biden said, “Anyone responsible for these many deaths should not remain the President of the United States of America.”

Here they exchange:

Gino SpokiaOctober 23, 2020 10:54


Trump report: How many homes does Biden own?

After the second and final US presidential debate Thursday night, Americans turned to Google to find an answer to their most pressing question – how many homes does Joe Biden own.

The surge in search interest on Google came after a claim by Donald Trump that Democratic candidate Joe Biden “owns homes everywhere.”

This claim appears to be wrong.

Gino SpokiaOctober 23, 2020 10:27


Trump Jr is shouting about the FBI, saying, “Don’t get Russia involved in the elections.”

On Thursday evening, Donald Trump and Joe Biden clashed over the issue of foreign interference in the election, after a recent FBI report warned that Russia had targeted dozens of US computer systems in recent days.

While the Democrat said that any country that interferes in the US elections will pay the price if elected, saying, “They are interfering with American sovereignty,” Trump refused to condemn Russia’s alleged actions.

Instead, the president insisted that “no one is tougher than me about Russia”, even as voters across the US this week receive threatening emails, the FBI believes they are linked to Iran.

Speaking after the debate, the president’s eldest son denounced the FBI’s allegations, stating, “Russian misinformation, there is no evidence that it is Russian misinformation.”

“It is clear that the FBI did everything in its power to harm Donald Trump,” he added, without any basis.

Gino Spokia23 October 2020 10:22


Hollywood says Trump is a liar

The second and final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was a less messy and frantic relationship than the first confrontation, but that didn’t stop Hollywood celebrities from sharing their reaction to the meeting in Nashville.

Avengers star Mark Ruffalo said, “Trump is a liar, Biden is an honest man who raised his children alone after his wife was killed in a car accident.”

Star Trek actor George Takei also tweeted, “Biden looks very clear, capable and focused. Trump, he looks like … well, Trump.”

Graeme Massey and Rosen O’Connor report:

Gino SpokiaOctober 23, 2020 10:03


The Fox News anchor is “jealous” about a less messy debate

Chris Wallace admitted that he is “jealous” of Kristen Welker of NBC, which managed a more civilized presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden Thursday night.

“Well, above all, I’m jealous,” the Fox News anchor said. I wish I was able to organize this debate ».

The veteran TV journalist, who moderated the first presidential debate of 2020, described last night’s scene as “a true exchange of views, not hundreds of boycotts.”

Gino SpokiaOctober 23, 2020 09:38


Trump says he has retweeted the support

On Thursday night, Donald Trump posted nearly two dozen posts on Twitter claiming to have won in last night’s debate with Joe Biden.

That’s about 21 retweets, whoever we’re back.

(Reminder: Most other polls showed the Republican president lost out to Biden during the last debate, and it was not conducted among Twitter users)

Gino SpokiaOctober 23, 2020 09:22


Biden tweets about Trump’s racism

The Democrat posted at least six tweets on Twitter Thursday night, attacking comments from his opponent’s “dog whistle” and ignoring racial injustice in the country.

Mr. Biden, a skeptic of Mr. Trump’s claim that he is the least racist person in the room, described his opponent as a “racist” who “pours fuel on every racist fire.”

Soon a similar message appeared on Biden’s Twitter.

Gino SpokiaOctober 23, 2020 09:12


Biden attacks Trump’s racism, which he calls the dog whistle

Joe Biden had a perfect response to Donald Trump’s claims about his race record, when the president said he was the least racist person in the room in the final presidential debate.

“Abraham Lincoln here is one of the most racist bosses in recent history. He’s pouring fuel on every racial fire – every one,” Mister Biden “mocked. This guy is a dog whistle as big as a fog-trumpet.”

Oliver O’Connell reports:

Gino Spokia23 October 2020 08:40

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