Dawson’s Creek arrives on Netflix January 15, 2021

The news was spread on social networks – and more specifically on Twitter – from the official profile of Netflix Italia. With his usual sarcastic air, the account announced to all of his followers its arrival on the popular streaming platform Dawson’s Creek. The exact date on the calendar is January 15 and we are sure that fans of the popular series are already counting the remaining days.

By posting the image (now a me me World Famous) by Dawson Cries (the scene where Joey chooses to be with Paisy), Netflix tweeted:Dawson’s Creek It arrives on January 15th on Netflix and this is the face that will make him watch the most heartbreaking episode. ”Then the explanation:“ No, but seriously, You will find him at 34:20 Episode 23 of Season 3. You are welcome. ”In short, good news for the fans, who – anyway – under the tweet never miss the opportunity to remind the Netflix team that nothing can pay off an absence SherlockWhich appears to be disappearing from the platform around the same time.

Meanwhile, the opportunity is tempting to revise the marathon Teenage drama This – in the early 1990s and early 2000s – kept viewers from all over the world glued to the small screen. Dawson’s Creek It was actually broadcast in the US from 1998 to 2003 for a total Six seasons And 128 episodes. Created by Kevin Williamson, the series bragged about the budding actors of the time who would later become true Hollywood stars over time. From James Van Der Beek to Katie Holmes, via Joshua Jackson and Michael Williams. The adventures and loved ones of the four heroes (who will increase in number during the seasons) have attracted so much interest from the public and critics that until now, Dawson’s Creek It can rightly be considered a true phenomenon of custom.

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