Most Watched Ranking on Netflix: The Lupine TV series is a real success

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Count time to Netflix. Next to the announcement regarding the number of registered users, an overflow number Quota of 200 millionThe service has released many other interesting statements.

There are for example ratings related to content, movies and TV series. Most searched on Google in 2020, Or the Most viewed content ratings on Netflix. Among the latter he excels Thermos, The recently released French TV series in the catalog, which features the respected thief Asane Diop He is inspired by Lupine’s actions to take revenge on his father.

And plans 2021 They are nothing short of incredible. This is also due The increasing competition Trying to keep up with Netflix. We talked about it recently on our Il Tech delle Cinque podcast.

Hear “Netflix Against All” on Spreaker.

So let’s take a look at the different rankings, starting with the most recent and most viewed of all, and then ending with the Google ranking.

Latest Netflix content

Netflix recently changed the account scale for accounts that already viewed part of the content. Content is considered viewed by an account if it is turned on For at least two minutes. The following top ten refer to recently released contents, and refer to the first four weeks of their lives:

  1. Thermos – 70 million accounts
  2. Hollidat 68 million accounts
  3. Bridgerton – 63 million accounts
  4. The queen of chess – 62 million accounts
  5. Christmas Records: Part 2 61 million accounts
  6. We can be heroes – 53 million accounts
  7. Over the moon – 43 million accounts
  8. Barbarians – 37 million accounts
  9. Just another birthday – 26 million accounts
  10. Selena: The Serial – 25 million accounts
  11. Beautiful house – 22 million accounts
  12. Alice in Borderland – 18 million accounts
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It should be noted, in addition to the fact that there are series and movies in the ranking, that they are content coming from all over the world. Barbarians For example a German series, Just another birthday Portuguese film e Alice in Borderland Japanese series, just to give some examples. Among them stand out ThermosFrench series reached 70 million. Not bad at all considering that the magician, One of the most successful series of recent times, is on the rise 76 million Of users, or that the fourth season of House of Cards is being “single” Period 65 million.

Most viewed content on Netflix of all time

In this regard, let’s also take a look at the most viewed ranking overall, which is the ranking that includes all the content posted before the ones that appear in the previous ranking.

  1. extraction – 99 million accounts
  2. Bird box – 89 million
  3. Covert Spenser – 85 million
  4. 6 Underground – 83 million
  5. Old guard – 78 million
  6. Enola Holmes – 76 million
  7. the magician (Season 1) – 76 million
  8. Project strength – 75 million
  9. killing mystery – 73 million
  10. Midnight sky – 72 million
  11. Kissing booth 2 – 66 million
  12. House of Cards (season 4) – 65 million
  13. Irish – 64 million
  14. King tiger – 64 million
  15. Triple border – 63 million
  16. Messi is wrong – 59 million
  17. Platform – 59 million
  18. You (season 2) – 54 million
  19. Cobra Kai (seasons 1 and 2) – 50 million
  20. The perfect date – 48 million
  21. Ratcheid (season 1) – 48 million
  22. Umbrella Academy (season 2) – 43 million
  23. Klaus – 40 million
  24. Lucifer (season 5) – 38 million
  25. The social dilemma – 38 million
  26. Love is blind (stagione 1) – 30 million
  27. The Crown (season 3) – 21 million
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Most searched series and movies on Google

Among the data found In a PDF file dedicated to investors, Netflix also featured the most searched TV series and movies on Google globally in 2020. Two separate rankings confirm Netflix’s dominance in the TV series and beyond.

Most Searched TV Series on Google

Of the 10 most popular series in the world in 2020, 9 are from Netflix. In short, almost absolute dominance.

  1. King tiger – Netflix
  2. Big Brother Brazil – Endemol
  3. House of Cards – Netflix
  4. Cobra cay – Netflix
  5. Parachute Academy – Netflix
  6. Emily is in Paris – Netflix
  7. Ozark – Netflix
  8. The queen of chess – Netflix
  9. External banks – Netflix
  10. Lock and key – Netflix

As for movies, Netflix is ​​still working on it, so much so that in 2021 it decided to unleash heavy artillery by promising more than 70 original movies, more than one movie per week throughout the year. Anyway, this is the arrangement in which two productions from the popular streaming service appear.

  1. parasite
  2. 1917
  3. Black Panther
  4. 365 days – Netflix
  5. Contagion
  6. Tenet
  7. Enola Holmes – Netflix
  8. Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey
  9. Mulan
  10. Jojo Rabbit

The result, however, is more than worthy of considering the names appearing in the ranking.

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