Darts Game, PDC Super Series: Day Four with Max Hopp and Gabriel Clemens

He succeeds now after all: (News: All about darts)

At the end of the PDC Super Series in Niedernhausen, Hesse, Dimitri van den Berg won and concluded his first Pro-Tour title.

The two-time World Matchplay champion and two-time World Youth Champion, who had already lost in two finals, confirmed himself on day four in a heated final against Dirk van Duijfenbod, who in turn achieved his first match success. Arrows Professional Corporation (PDC) Celebrated.

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“The Dreammaker” won by 8: 7, with the main prize winning approximately 11,500 euros.

Darts: Van den Berg won the PDC Super Series

The happy ending was hard to come by, although the Belgian was already on its way to victory with a 12-fourths lead by 4-1. Aubergenius countered, however, and shortly thereafter reinstated another deficit (5: 7) before the decision-maker could compensate Van den Bergh.

Worth noting: The Premier League leaders averaged three arrows between 101.5 and 108.8 in their first four matches, beating John Brown, Ian White, Alan Suttar and Ryan Searle.

In the quarter-finals, Scott Mitchell (5: 6), then in the last four rounds, fellow Dutchman Danny Nobert (2: 7) didn’t have a chance.

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“I am proud and happy to have achieved my first victory in ProTour,” Van den Bergh said afterwards at PDC. “It’s something I didn’t expect, but it has now happened.”

Dart: Schindler is the best German in the PDC Super series

Michael Van Gerwen’s performance was once again disappointing: he defeated Simon Whitlock (Australia) 3: 6 in the Round of 16.

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Martin Schindler was the only German to reach the third round, but failed there 4: 6 against the semi-finalist later Robert Thornton. Previously, this was the end of the streak of Gabriel Clemens, Max Hope, Lucas Feng, Robert Marijanovich, Rene Edams, Michael Unterbuchner, Stephen Seibman and Florian Hempel.

The fourth Nine Thrater of the Super Series came from Krzysztof Ratajski, for whom the perfect stop was the premiere, in his first round win over Keane Barry. Noteworthy: It was 19 o’clock this year, and the 360th day in PDC history.

The PDC Super Series, in addition to the Summer, Fall and Winter Series, had player tournaments with the equivalent of 75,000 euros in prize money each, which were played in three blocks of four game days.

PDC Super Series: Day 4 Glimpse:

Round of 16:
Daryl Gurney – Ron Meulenkamp 6: 5
Danny Nobert – Martin Clearmaker 6: 2
Scott Mitchell – Krzysztof Kciuk 6: 5
Dimitri van den Berg – Ryan 6: 1
Michael Smith – Robbie – John Rodriguez 6: 1
Robert Thornton – Ted Iffts 6: 3
Simon Whitlock – Michael Van Gerwen 3: 6
Dirk Van Duijvenboud – Mike De Decker 3: 6

Danny Nobert – Daryl Gurney 6: 4
Dimitri van den Berg – Scott Mitchell 6: 5
Robert Thornton – Michael Smith 6: 3
Dirk Van Duijfenbod – Simon Whitlock 6: 0
Semi-final rounds:
Dimitri van den Berg – Danny Nobert 7: 2
Dirk Van Duijgenbaud – Robert Thornton 7: 4
The end:
Dmitriy van den Berg – Dirk van Duijgenbaud 8: 7

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