A WhatsApp group administrator is comfortable with the news, the Supreme Court is not responsible for someone else’s offensive post | Social Media Technology | Whatsapp | Social Media News Malayalam Technology News

The court made a reassuring note to all those who manage WhatsApp groups. The Nagpur Court of the Bombay High Court said that the manager of the WhatsApp group will not be responsible for the offensive posting of another member of the group. The court rejected the case against the 33-year-old WhatsApp group manager.

The court ruled that the moderator would not be responsible for all posts in a group and would only be responsible if the moderator knew of the post. The court suspended the WhatsApp posts after considering a petition filed by group director Kishore Tarun demanding that the case against him for insulting womanhood be canceled.

Judges g. A bench made up of Judges Huck and AB Boracker passed the command. The court ruled that the WhatsApp group administrator has limited powers to add or remove members to the group and does not have the power to control or censor the content posted in the group.

One group member complained that the moderator had failed to remove and prevent another member’s sexual harassment and take action against the member. However, the group manager also went to court to cancel the case registered against him in 2016.

English summary: The WhatsApp group administrator is not responsible for a post rejected by a different member: HC

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