Dario Cologne does not start at minus 20 degrees

In arctic temperatures, Dario Colonna does not start in Kuusamo, Finland. Russians celebrate a quadruple victory.

The basics in brief

  • Dario Colonna is missing in the 15-plus kilometer pursuit race in the bitter cold.
  • The man from Graubünden had several lung problems in the past.
  • Alexandre Bolchono wins against three nationals in Kuusamo, Finland.

The 15-kilometer pursuit race in Kuusamo, Finland has been on the brink for a long time. Only sunlight pushes the thermometer above minus 20 degrees and makes you possible Competition.

Dario Colonna nevertheless decided against one Started. “It’s very cold,” said the Graubünden native.SRF».

Dario Colonna continues: “I had a lot in the past Problems with the lungs. So I don’t want to risk anything.” The main goals of the season are yet to come.

She was also dispensed by the previous day’s winner Ivo Niskanen and the entire Norwegian team worry For health at first.

Russia’s quadruple victory

This turns the race into a Russian championship. Alexander Bolshunov outperforms his compatriots Sergey Ustyugov, Artem Maltso and Ivan Yakimushkin. Sixth and eighth places also go to Russia.

From a Swiss point of view, Roman Forger (25), Jason Roych (26) and Jonas Baumann (29) were among the World Cup points.

Do you walk out the front door at minus 20 degrees?

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