Video of Aboriginal people protesting against vaccination in Australia since 2019

A video clip circulated on social media showing a group of men screaming and threatening various uniformed police officers with bows and arrows.

The recording has been shared to ensure that a group of Indigenous Australians are against compulsory vaccination against COVID-19. However, the clip has been circulating since before the pandemic, in 2019, and was recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

One of the posts he shared This video is taken from its context On Twitter, there are more than 40.8 thousand copies, and Attached to the following message:

‘Australian authorities went to notify Indigenous Australians of compulsory vaccination…they reacted immediately’ (sic).

This same video circulated with a similar statement in English, Italian, and Chinese; On Facebook and YouTube as well as Twitter.

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Protest before COVID

Reverse search for a video frame in . format Yandex threw another Russian site April 2, 2019. The note displayed there refers to those published in the media Sputnik In its Russian version which reveals, based on what you refer to News agency, which is about a demonstration by Guarani indigenous representatives against the closure of community health centers and the transfer of indigenous health services to municipal hospitals, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Hundreds of protesters dressed in traditional clothing staged this demonstration in front of the municipality building on March 28, 2019. In a memo Sputnik Several tweets from a journalist are shown, circulating the videos of Ignacio Lemos, the correspondent of the Brazilian Television Network, Telesur.

A day later, on March 29, 2019, it was posted on YouTube channel Telesur, Report where other moments of the demonstration are shown.

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Vaccination is not ‘compulsory’ in Australia

This statement is also not true. According to the Australian Government’s Department of Health, the COVID-19 vaccine, like any other vaccine, It’s voluntary And people keep their choice to choose.

At the national level, only that has been determined Vaccination is mandatory For elderly care workers, such as nursing home workers. This measure went into effect on September 17.

Some states and regions in Australia also have their own requirements for other groups, in which they indicate vaccination against COVID-19 as a condition of their performance. in a Western part of AustraliaFor example, primary and community health service workers have until December 1 to complete their full vaccination schedule.

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Conclusion: It is incorrect that the video was recently recorded in Australia and is not an Aboriginal show against COVID-19 vaccination. The events took place in São Paulo, in March 2019.

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