Daniel Spellbound is requesting a new Netflix animated series

The 20-minute episodes of the epic animation adventure around the world will be shown on Netflix in 2022.


In modern New York, magic is there … only it is disguised as sleight of hand and distractions. But Daniel Spellbound knows where to find it: As a researcher of magical ingredients, he makes his living selling rare items to witches and magicians for their charms. However, when he discovers a strange element, Daniel catches the attention of dangerous alchemists and suddenly he is forced to test his skills on an adventure that takes him to every corner of the world while the magical universe is in danger!


The series has been produced in collaboration with creator and director Matt Fernandez, who will also undertake the production alongside Industrial Brothers (Arthur Spanos e Tami Simon) H. Rock Boat Studios (Evan Schneberg, David Fortier, John Rutherford E. Chapman Maddox). Merrill Hagan (Teen Titans Zap! Fasten your seat belt! Traveling is learning, danger ratPlay the executive story editor.


Matt Fernandez, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Industrial Brothers, says: “I wanted to create a contemporary fictional world that reflects urban culture and not just a magical world, where magic is an integral part of modern society but invisible despite being right under our eyes. Curious about how witches acquired the strange ingredients for their potions. Is there a small shop in the corner that sells them? And who is the one who finds all those strange things? And from there was born Daniel Spielbound. “

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John Rutherford, Head of Boat Rocker Studios, Children, Families, and Rights Content: “We are so excited to finally announce a project that we developed and proposed more than three years ago, and so excited to be able to produce it with Netflix. Matt and I always thought this story could inspire children and families at All over the world, it is amazing to see these magical worlds come true. We look forward to presenting this series to the world in 2022. “

The series joins Netflix’s growing list of original animation content for children and families everywhere, presented in 190 countries by artists from around the world, including the upcoming animated series. Kid Cosmic From the creator of “The Powerpuff Girls” Craig McCracken, A.rlo Written by Ryan Craigo, Ghosts in the city By Elizabeth Ito Centaurworld: World of Centaurs By Megan Nicole Dong and the short series Maya and the three De Jorge Gutierrez.

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