Apple really took care of Netflix in-app subscriptions

an Apple He really wanted to make sure of that Netflix Will not stop Go to the app store to renew your subscriptionsA: The company employees who handled the matter assumed even providing the broadcast giant with Special treatment Not so much by reducing commissions, but by advertising them in their physical stores (known as the Apple Store, of course), using a portion of the commission revenue by paying for ads on search engines and even pooling them with other Apple services.

It is one of the many information that has emerged from the publication of evidence in Apple and Epic Games’ court proceedings to release Fortnite Ban. It also turns out, at first, that Netflix has considered removing in-app renewals from its iOS client due to Somewhat high ‘voluntary impediment’In short, the rate of users who canceled their subscription was higher among those who subscribed through the application compared to other channels, for example the official website of the platform. However, the exact numbers were not disclosed. Apple’s 30% fee has clearly played an equally important role, if not more.

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In 2018, Apple created a short presentation to convince Netflix to keep making in-app purchases, listing the different ways it could provide. Added value to society. The list includes preinstallation of the app on Apple TV, notable positions on iOS and Apple TV, co-funded marketing campaigns, partnerships with payment operators, app installation on display devices in Apple stores, and much more. It is important to note that this presentation has not yet been approved by the management; Some of these ideas were never shown to other developers, but it is not known if they were actually sent to Netflix.

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However, this particular presentation continued, and yet the conversations took place between the two tech powers, how it ended up is more than clear: Netflix removed the renewals within the app, and now to renew the subscription, you must necessarily go to the official website. However, the interesting news is that Apple may be tempted to exclude its rules for developers who populate the App Store. This fact was recently demonstrated in the case of Amazon Prime Video.

The documents also showed that Microsoft inadvertently blocked the French Shadow game cloud service from the App Store For a certain period of time. The facts go back to 2020, and relate to the efforts of the Redmond giant to publish its xCloud video game streaming service in the App Store. Apple kept rejecting it, and at one point Microsoft objected that it wasn’t doing anything other than Shadow. And so Shadow found herself fired, too.

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