Dad, don’t embarrass me! Netflix cancels the series

It’s clear how the Covid-19 pandemic has made it more difficult to confirm in the world of TV series. The competition is fierce and it is imperative to get the mind-boggling numbers right away. In this scenario, for example, a show like “Breaking Bad” would have trouble staying afloat. His first season certainly didn’t get the acclaim we all remember so well, except for critics and a small portion of the audience who joined in later.

It’s hard to compare “Dad, don’t embarrass me” from Jamie Foxx With Vince Gilligan working, but it took two months for the annulment decree to be issued. The April 14 It last saw the famous actor return to the small screen, some 30 years after In Living Color. Eight episodes, it was enough for the broadcasting platform, which decided to focus on other projects, perhaps realizing the lack of audience participation.

Jamie Foxx and her daughter Corinne


Dad, don’t embarrass me! TV series crew

Jamie Foxx drew inspiration from his own life to develop this sitcom, bringing elements of his relationship with his daughter Corinne to the screen. The idea was to tell the story of a single father, the owner of a popular cosmetics brand, who was suddenly called upon to be a full-time father to his stubborn teenage daughter.

The girl grew up with her mother but goes to live with him. Moving radically changes the lives of both. Foxx, who plays Brian, soon realizes that he needs help managing Sasha. So he calls his father and sister. However, at the same time, the young star will have to get used to the obvious change in the registry. He finds himself drowning in a house that is messy to say the least but at the same time full of love.

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There have been many cancellation announcements in the past year, and recently a farewell”Buyer’s Legacy‘, which could have a future on Hulu, although there is no confirmation. It’s good to point out, however, how this ‘slip’ won’t harm the working relationship between Jamie Foxx and the streaming platform, which can also be seen on Sky Q and NOW. In fact, preparation for two films continues so far: “They cloned Tyrone“e”Rosy day“.

here it is cast from the series:

  • Jamie Foxx: Brian Dixon
  • Kayla Drew: Sasha Dixon
  • David Alan Greer: Bob’s Dixon
  • Porsha Coleman: Chelsea Dixon
  • Jonathan Kate: Johnny Williams

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