Current Olympia 2021 Tokyo medal schedule, results, medal status, evaluation

Medal schedule for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo: Results and information on medal status at the Olympic Games can be found here.

How many gold, silver or bronze medals will German athletes win in total at Olympia 21? All medals for 33 sports and 339 competitions can be found in the current medal status or medal table. the Olympic Games In Tokyo until August 8, 2021, Japan, instead of.

2021 Olympics medal table: current medal status – how many medals does Germany have?

Athletes compete in 33 sports and 51 sports. Medals are awarded in a total of 339 decisions. Placements are sorted according to the number of gold medals won, followed by the number of silver and bronze medals (lexical order). If two or more countries have identical medal credits, they are listed alphabetically at the same rank. This complies with the system established by the International Olympic Committee (International Olympic Committee) Uses.

Here you will find the medal table, which is updated regularly. You can also filter medals by sport and country.


What are the dates and results of the 2021 Olympics? You can always find the latest results in our data center:

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