Has the Pixel 6 changed your smartphone plans in the near future?

We are still leaving Pixel 6 announcement this weekThis is an attempt clearly aimed at preventing the natural leak that has plagued Google smartphones. While this may have been unexpected, it was certainly welcome. From unique design and color selection a leg Brand new motor chipThis is the most interesting Pixel series, because of course it is original.

It’s a joke that has caused a huge drop in smartphones. Samsung will host another Galaxy Unpacked event on Wednesday To launch two foldable phones, Z Fold3 and Z Flip3. Thanks Long range leakage chainWe know almost everything about both devices. From design to specifications and Kelly From AccessoriesWednesday’s event will reveal in its entirety when it will be officially available and how much it will cost.

Of course, Samsung and Google aren’t the only phone companies planning this fall. If OnePlus is producing on a regular schedule, the OnePlus 9T could be soon. Motorola recently announced the Edge 20 series He won’t confirm that his phones will arrive in the United States. Other manufacturers, such as Nokia and TCL, are likely to have new devices. Microsoft might surprise us with the files Surface Duo 2 leaked recently.

And of course there is an elephant in the room. It will be hard to ignore Apple’s dominance of the tech news world in September. An iPhone 13 or 12S or something else is sure to be as successful as the lack of chips these days allows. While many stubborn Android fans have been stuck in this ecosystem for centuries, many people will choose to try iOS for years, just as Samsung or Google devices can lure some Apple users along with the green bubble.

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However, when Google kicked off the update cycle this fall with an honest announcement, there’s no doubt that some of our readers shook their expectations. So, how did the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones affect your smartphone plans for the near future? Will it be delayed until it’s officially available to see how well the Tensor chip works on a daily basis? Or it has its own funky design and Definitely not a little model prompted you to consider other options?


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