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?? Sustainable mining of cryptocurrency using cow dung

?? Welsh farmer uses biogas plant to mine Ethereum cryptocurrency

?? More farmers interested in sustainable cryptocurrency mining with cow dung

sustainable coding trend

Interest in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology on which they are based continues unabated. The situation is similar to so-called cryptocurrency mining, where users allow the computing power of their own computers or a private network to solve cryptographic tasks that generate new blocks in the blockchain. Cryptographic tasks ensure the validity of the block in the blockchain, as it reflects the effort that must be taken to solve the task and thus create a valid block. Thus, the mining process is not only time-consuming, but also energy-intensive, which makes many miners think.

Including Philip Hughes, who started a trend in his region by starting to generate the electricity needed to mine Ethereum cryptocurrency through his biogas plant, which is powered by the dung of his cows. According to the reports of the British television network BBC, other colleagues have already shown an interest in the concept.

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Electricity from renewable energy sources for cryptocurrency mining

Philip Hughes swears by sustainability. He told the BBC that both the Ethereum mining process and the supply to his farm and nearby camping area are powered by electricity produced by his biogas plant. Hughes is instrumental in this process. Cows that constantly excrete manure and thus generate the necessary chemical element needed to run the biogas plant. As part of the decomposition of cow manure, alkane methane is produced, which is used to drive turbines. The resulting kinetic energy can then be converted into electricity.

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Cryptocurrency mining with cow dung – more and more on board

Public discourse about the energy consumption of cryptocurrencies is widespread. As reported by BINANCE WIKI, many of the Hughes?? Colleagues have joined the sustainability trend and turned to traditional multi-purpose cow dung to generate electricity for crypto-mining operations. At the same time, they diversify and increase their income. Surplus electricity that is not needed to mine cryptocurrency or supply farms goes to the National Grid Facility, which operates the high-voltage electricity transmission grid in England and Wales, which farmers get about $0.1 each, according to BINANCE WIKI Brings in kilowatts. Editorial Team

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