CRÍTICA – Deep (2021, Netflix)

or suspense deep It’s the new original non-English production Netflix, released on July 16, 2021. The Thai film has a directing team with an unusual number of directors: five.

are they: Sita Likitvanichkuland the Ratanasriya Guitarinand the Apirak Samudkidpisanand the Thanabodhi Awathi e Adirek Attila.

Deep is available in Thai, with audio commentary in Portuguese, English and Spanish and an audio description in the original language. You can also select the following translations: Portuguese, English, German, Italian and Thai.


Four medical students with insomnia are drawn into an out-of-control experience. Now they have to escape before it’s too late.

deep analysis

Deep has a very interesting and easily recognizable premise in today’s era, where high productivity is constantly being sold, regardless of cost. This topic is wide open in history gene, the main character who played before Banesara Ricolsurakan.

Jane studies medicine and lives with her grandmother (Philiwan Khmvirat) and her sister. June (Warisara Jitpreedasakul). Despite being a health college student, she has a tough life financially. The combination of financial hardship and an appreciation of high productivity leads her to be part of a secret research project looking for people suffering from insomnia.

As a guinea pig for this study, he knows partygoers to win (Kay Literstichai), blogger China (Supanaree Sutavijitvong) The Introvert fishing (Krit Jeerapattananuwong) and all the medical colleagues who are also involved in this process.

Deep is a Thai thriller and drama that depicts a group of young people sharing an insomnia-related experience

The research consisted of placing a bowl to collect keratonin on the necks of the participants. Keratonin is the substance that keeps a person awake and is only released when we are in this state.

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The longer the participants were awake, the higher the concentration of the extracted substance. This is why the experiment is divided into three phases, which require the guinea pigs to stay progressively longer and have longer waking days.

However, you cannot sleep more than 60 seconds. Otherwise, participants could suffer cardiac arrest. This is why they wear a watch that sets an alarm if they start to fall asleep.

As the difficulty increases, the amount paid to students increases.

The movie explains all this well in a graceful and easy-to-understand manner.

Building performance and narrative

The four characters perform well and provide the dramatic load needed to make each other’s story realistic. Jin Joon’s sister also deserves recognition for her performance.

However, not all of the minor characters in the story are sure of their interpretation. The German professor in charge of the research, dot. Hans Miller (Kim Waddoup) is highly cartoonish and features scenes that completely contradict the students’ performance, conveying an air of awkwardness in his speeches.

The scene in which Miller hands the money to the participants is A nearby It’s useless because the character makes a maniacal grimace, typical of pseudo-horror movies. Hence the problems that, in my opinion, are caused by the large number of professionals in the direction of the film.

Despite the script, Depp’s first two narrative arcs are good and compelling, especially for the ease of explaining the experience and especially for the interpretation of the main characters, especially the actress playing Jane.


The third chapter sheds light on all of Depp’s merits.

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Deb’s house extension ruined a good story

The movie is 1 hour and 41 minutes long, but unfortunately its story has been ruined in the past half hour.

The first problem begins when the third chapter opens. I won’t go into details so as not to be wrong, but I do point out that as serious as it may be, at that point in the film I was willing to accept the confusing ease of the script and considered average production as a goal. This will happen thanks to the good construction of the previous actions.


The situation is getting worse.

a unexpected development It was introduced in Phase 3 of the experiment simply ignoring the previously presented research framework. Even worse, motivated Piece do not count.

Amid the jumble of ideas that Depp has become in his latest work, to complete a scene between Jane and the Doctor this guy’s work doesn’t quite fit what’s on display. Not to mention another ridiculous way the script comes to such a sad conclusion.


Netflix’s commitment to offering non-English products so that global audiences can access different cultures is very important and deserves recognition.

deep It is a Thai movie that starts with an interesting introduction and offers good moments of suspense. Your first two works are objective and easy to understand.

Despite this unfortunately unexpected development The history is full of flaws that go against the good construction that has been done. In this way, Depp destroys his own advantages.

I recommend watching it to get an idea of ​​the good performance of the main cast and to think about how a good story could unravel in such a short time.

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our testimony

2,0 / 5,0

Watch the deep demo:

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