Coronavirus direct in the UK: Portugal and Greece have been exempted from the quarantine list in England as the latest R-rate threatens new domestic lockdowns

Minister: Wells felt that quarantine was only an option after the ‘wave of contagion’ from the Greek islands

Welsh Minister of Health Vaughan Githing discussed quarantine restrictions imposed on travelers returning from Portugal, Gibraltar, French Polynesia and six Greek islands, starting Friday.

He told the BBC’s Today program: “I have a specific problem that supports everything – add to that (the Biosecurity Joint Center) advice here in Wales – the flights were from Zante earlier in the week, when I gave advice to people from Zante and took the test. The first two days and then test again a week later.

“That was because in the previous week we had over 30 cases from four different flights, two of which landed in England.

On that flight that landed in Cardiff on Tuesday, there are more than 20 direct cases – that’s more than 10 percent of that flight.

“ Seeing the growing tide of infection coming from that list of islands, and having that first-hand experience in Wales and very clear advice about the biggest public health risks in the UK from JBC, I didn’t feel like there was any other action than taking some form of action.

“I don’t have to explain why others haven’t, but I am very clear that we follow this advice and keep Wells safe.”

Asked about the different approach taken by Transportation Secretary Grant Shaps in Westminster, he said:
“I am very happy that this is the right thing to do, it is in line with the risk assessments we have received from both JBC and Public Health England, but also the reason why the Azores and Madeira Islands … is different rating but they also have a test on entry, So that they can understand it before people get there. “

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