‘Cooper’ – New species of dinosaur identified in Australia | Cooper is one of the new dinosaur species identified in Australia, which was one of the giant dinosaur species in the Earth, say researchers | Puthiyathalaimurai – Tamil News | Latest Tamil News | Tamil News Online

Scientists have identified a new species of dinosaur, the cooper, in a study of bones found on a cattle ranch in Australia seventeen years ago. Scientists say that this species is one of the largest dinosaurs on Earth. It seems that this dinosaur lived in the Christian era. Australia was then part of Antarctica.

This dinosaur belongs to the genus Sauropod, which lived on plants. Cooper is a plant-living dinosaur. This is a very large dinosaur. Scientists say it may be the largest on Earth.

Researchers found evidence that his bones were about the length of a basketball court (25 to 30 meters long) and up to two stories high.

His bones are stored in a museum. Work is currently underway to scan it in three dimensions. Study areas are also underway to determine if there are more bones in the area where dinosaur bones were collected.

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