Continuous rain in the Stuttgart region: the Deep Bernd is already raising it – Stuttgart

Umbrellas are the most important accessory – not only in Stuttgart. Photo: Lichtgut / Julian Rettig

Tuesday’s rain was just a foretaste. Because now Deep Burn is really picking up speed and bringing in constant rain. It can drop from 10 to 25 liters per square meter in the Stuttgart region.

Stuttgart – Deep Bernd kicks off on Wednesday evening and Thursday evening. Then there will be continuous heavy rain in Stuttgart “It will start in the evening and then it will rain all night,” says meteorologist Peter Krause of the German Weather Service (DWD) in Stuttgart.

In the Stuttgart region, ten to 20 liters of precipitation meet per square meter. South of the state capital, in the district of Tübingen and Rottlingen, up to 30 liters of rain per square meter can fall. “The rainy area won’t move east until Thursday morning,” Krause continues.

Unstable air masses cause thunderstorms and showers

But that doesn’t mean Deepbrand is running out. “The air masses are still very unstable in the form of layers over the course of Thursday and Friday,” the meteorologist explains. Thunderstorms approaching again Thursday afternoon, accompanied by heavy showers. “It can go down as much as 25 liters per square metre.” The situation on Friday looks similar.

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“It won’t get drier until the weekend,” the man predicts from the German weather service. Saturday is still very cloudy, but dry. On Sunday the clouds will finally go away. And the start of next week will be a picture-perfect summer, promises Krause: “Then we get high pressure, bright weather, and 26 degrees.”

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In parts of Germany, Teff Bernd did indeed cause a turbulent night: in northern Bavaria, disaster had to be declared.

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