Construction sites: These streets in Villach will soon be closed in 5 minutes

due to excavation work in Fellacher Strasse At the intersection of Untere Fellacher Straße / Mühlenweg / Badstubenweg, there will be the following traffic procedures from October 2 to 29:


  • There are traffic obstacles at the intersection of Untere Fellacher Straße / Mühlenweg / Badstubenweg
  • On Untere Fellacher Straße there is one from the junction with Münzweg, from the junction with Mahrhöflweg, and from the junction with Badstubenweg a lock. Relevant residents are allowed entry. The aisle is blocked.
  • Also due to excavation work in the area Franz Krainerstrasse Along Bleibgerstrasse There will be traffic hurdles from October 2nd to October 22nd.

Other disabilities

  • As the excavation, towing and fitting out of the accompanying vehicles are carried out on the Tiroler Straße in the pedestrian and bicycle path area of ​​”Tiroler Brücke”, pedestrians and bicycles will be closed from 4 to 15 October.
  • Due to excavations, there will be traffic obstacles on Töbringer Straße from October 4 to 21.
  • Due to excavations for the development of heating the area in the Obere Heidenweg, in the Antoniensteig and in the area of ​​the junction Antoniensteig / Felix-Dahn-Weg, there will be traffic obstructions from 1 to 29 October 2021.
  • Due to earthworks (water connections) and asphalt works at Michaeler Straße, there will be traffic obstacles until October 15th.
  • Due to excavation, milling and asphalt work in Fichtenweg, there will be traffic obstacles from 4 to 31 October 2021.

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