Confermata Winx Saga 2 on Streaming over Netflix

the lucky one Netflix series in World Linux Ready to go back to broadcast. The company has confirmed the arrival the second season. Fate: Winx Saga 2 Once again, inspired by the monolithic animated series created by Iginio Straffi in 2004.

The Live action or direct event Co-produced and authored by Archery Pictures Production Brian Young, Former author of The Vampire Diaries. Compared to animation, Netflix is ​​aimed at a larger adult audience, thanks to the overall atmosphere dark The topics covered. The first season came out in January 2021 and was instantly ranked in the top ten on the platform. On February 18th, the company confirmed the return of Bloom, Stella, Moussa and Terra. There is no detailed information on PlotBut there will be more magic and mystery. Until th Ejaculate It is confirmed and there will be some new entries.

Trama Fate: The Winx Saga 2

Winx TV series tells a story Five young fairies Studying at Alfea, the School of Magic in Oltremondo. During Season 1 the heroes discovered their power and learned how to manage it. At the same time, they encountered typical teen problems: from heart issues to academic difficulties. As if that wasn’t enough, they challenged the monsters that were threatening their existence.

Will see the new season More magic and tension. Once again, he has been entrusted with writing to Brian Young, in the role of executive producer and show director.

Judy Conehan and Chris Theker of Archery Pictures (Rivera, ISIS – The Evil Recruits) are executive producers, along with Joanne Lee and Cristiana Buzzelli for Rainbow, a company founded in 1995 by Iginio StraffiWho expressed satisfaction with the return of his fairies:

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“The Linux They beat audiences in live action adaptations just as they do in animation. Year after year, we have seen Winx turn into a global phenomenon, a series faithfully followed by millions of fans. Thanks to their support, “Destiny: The Winx Saga” It is a global success and the second season Coming to Netflix will continue to tell the story to delight fans and fans around the world. “

It is also The Brian Young Show He said he’s especially excited about the arrival of Season 2:

“ The six episodes of Season 1 scratched the surface of this incredibly rich world and the powerful fairies that inhabit it. Bloom’s story will continue to evolve I can’t wait for the audience to find out more about Aisha, Stella, Terra and Moussa! And who knows who might appear in Alfea soon … “.

There is a lot of curiosity: these words refer to a series of New characters Enrich Winx’s Imagination. For now, the first season crew has been confirmed.

Fate: Winx Saga 2 is cast and released

In the new episodes of The Winx Saga we will review the main episodes Personalities From the series and related actors and actresses:

  • Abigail Quinn (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) as Bloom
  • Hannah van der Westhausen as Stella
  • Dear Mustafa, the role of Aisha
  • Elliott Salt as Terra
  • Elisha Applebaum as Moses.

The second season will consist of 8 episodes One hour each and production will begin later this year in Ireland. Then we will be able to see New episodes in 2022. Meanwhile, it is possible to watch the first season on Netflix.

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