Commentary: Boris Johnson risks dividing his country

Boris Johnson claims that the European Union is trying to undermine British safety. The prime minister has crossed a line and “liked” his party.

More recently, observers of the latest Brexit drama are imagining themselves in a parallel universe. Are we really back at the start of this never-ending story – is the future trade deal being negotiated? A compromise was already found, the exit agreement was signed
And the
Are right.

The fact that the British are suddenly threatening to change parts of the deal with a law and thus not only break their word but also violate international law may seem tiring at best. At worst, the plan threatens the economic and security relationship with
European Union
And it has a negative impact on the kingdom’s credibility for years to come.

Boris Johnson is inciting the British against the European Union with controversy and populism

The communication strategy is now clear: He is selling his people the fairy tale that the European Union wants to undermine the integrity of the United Kingdom. In doing so, the prime minister ignores the fact that he himself, with Rimbaud’s style and his ignorance of reality in Northern Ireland, risks the country’s disintegration. In his first year in office, Johnson has already shown what he is capable of. But these days, the prime minister is still outbidding himself in matters of controversy, populism, rhetoric and tactical games.

The Tories have been outdone, which is shocking. Johnson’s predecessors, like most MPs, did not question democratic institutions or the rule of law. But since the extroverted political artist takes over, there doesn’t seem to be much classic British conservatism. Quite a few parliamentarians lack integrity and instead reveal a dangerous opportunism that leads them to follow their boss in every shift – no matter how rude or silly. Suddenly, an agreement was reached with an anti-EU rhetoric that these politicians praised in heaven just a few months ago. Many of them were elected to Parliament only on the deal card.

Boris Johnson pushes boundaries by publishing half-facts

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson is crossing borders with half-truths. And even if the Westminster bubble, be it left liberal or conservative right, reacts mostly with shock to the developments – for those voters that Johnson wants to deal with with his strategy, it is important to show a supposed strong hand toward the European Union and at first glance – patriotic for the sake of interests.
Great Britain

Of course, this is by no means true. Only in some quarters is this passed on with remarkable arrogance. The critical voices of business people are ignored, diplomats ignored, lawyers mocked, and experts mocked as Brussels’ mouthpieces.

So the Eurosceptic hard-liners from Great Britain are preparing the world in their own way, whether backed by facts or not, and overtly dreaming of a “global Britain” that the country is supposed to develop into after the European Union’s restriction.

How this goal might be achieved after the last few years and more after the last few weeks is at least questionable. Because the government presents itself with its plans as a partner it has not earned the trust of the European Union – and is now well on its way to becoming the world’s mockery.

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