Come back again: the national player leaves DSC – “I was hoping to win more”

No longer works for DSC: Manuel Wiederer. Photo: Roland Rabel

No longer works for DSC: Manuel Wiederer. Photo: Roland Rabel

The San Jose Barracuda has invited ice hockey winger Manuel Federer (24) to return to California. In Dejendorfer’s squad, the five-time German player’s departure should not leave a big hole as expected. Local Degendorfer’s accomplishments for the ice hockey club have been mixed. Once again, however, he is satisfied and explains his point of view on matters.

The NHL Farm team – a kind of better coaching team – loaned the ward to the DSC for two months. With his early return to the United States, Deggendorfer’s short comeback season ends after only twelve games. The American Hockey League (AHL), the second-highest league in the United States, kicks off the new season on February 5th. Once again he has to be part of the team. According to information from Passauer Neue Presse, DSC is currently not planning to fill the vacant position on the team.

In terms of sport, Federer did not live up to extremely high expectations. Coach Henry Thom said in November: “I think there is no doubt that he (Manuel Federer, Editor’s Note) will help us a lot in terms of sport.” After twelve matches in the third division, the empty numbers no longer served as evidence: four goals and six assists – too few for a player of this quality. However, at this point, it has to be noted that the entire team has been in bad shape for weeks.

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When asked about the numbers, Manuel Federer patiently explained the background in the PNP chat: “I had no preparation. When I came to Degendorf, I hadn’t played ice hockey for eight months before that. My role in San Jose is actually the defensive striker role of outnumbering, That was different here. I was hoping to win more victories with the team, but I’m still satisfied. ” On Wednesday the DSC announced that Wiederer would be leaving the club. Tuesday’s match in Rosenheim (5: 6) was his last match for DSC for the time being. “It was all a little weird with the circumstances, but I was still really enjoying the time. That was something special,” says Wiederer.

After several injuries in the past three years, it was important for the 24-year-old to achieve a good physical level and stay healthy. “I feel relieved,” says Wiederer, denying the question whether his local club from San Jose urged him not to take risks in Germany: “There was no need to be careful. You can never expect what happens to the ice, so it only works 100 percent Or not working at all. “

Now he is on his way back to the United States. Exactly when the flight takes off, Wiederer still explains. Discussions with coach Henry Thom and the team are pre-scheduled. His goal remains to recommend himself a good performance in the farm team of San Jose Sharks and finally come to the NHL’s first stint. “As long as I play ice hockey, the NHL will always be my goal,” says Wiederer. He does not lose sight of his dream. This also applies to the DSC, which will continue to witness the success of its exports with goodwill. “Thank you Manuel for your commitment to the DSC shirt,” the club wrote on Facebook. Abstract numbers aren’t everything.

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