Cobra Kai 4, Thomas Ian Griffith recounts the experience on the set of the Netflix show

A few days before the appearance of Cobra Kai 4 On Netflix, Thomas Ian Griffith is back on the series, after commenting on Terry Silver’s return in Cobra Kai 4, and recounting his new experience on the set.

Terry Silver will return to terrorize Daniel Larseau (Ralph Macchio) and an entire generation of kids learning karate in the San Fernando Valley. But will he be able to re-enter the original group? Apparently yes, because he’s still training…

I started training when I was young and practiced karate throughout high school. I’ve been training in some way all my lifeGriffiths said in an interview, revealing that whenever he misses training for a day or two, his wife is always there to remind him.

The actor also narrated his experience on the set Cobra Kai 4: “On the first day of the set, I had my first short action sequence, there was a businessman about two meters tall with a wig and he looked just like me. When I was watching the scenes on the screen, I thought I was faster than him. Football is betterThen he revealed that after doing it himself for hours and hours, he wondered how he could possibly think of it!

in a Cobra Kai 4 Terry Silver will return with an inevitable braidThomas Ian Griffiths said that on his first video call with the creators of the show, someone advised him not to cut his hair and thanks to the closure he was able to make his hair grow.

The fourth season of Cobra Kai It will start streaming on Netflix on December 31: After previewing it, here’s our review of the Cobra Kai 4, strictly without the spoilers!

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