Alessandro Cattelan is looking for happiness. On Netflix, the docu series is a simple question

Alessandro Cattelan is looking for happiness. Popular radio host Deejay arrives on the Netflix streaming platform to tell us what happiness means in the docu series.

simple question, This is the name of the show Cattelan will bring in 2021 to Italian (and not only) Netflix subscribers, whose title begins with a question from his daughter, Nina: Dad, how can you be happy? The most difficult answers are in the hands of the new Cattelan project, which is the protagonist as well as the author, which will try to summarize it in 8 episodes.

Catilan, after leaving the leadership of X-Factor, after 10 seasons, is engaging in a kind of new television genre in our country, and the series has dropped in the form of documentaries and interviews, which are based on “an atypical structure and an innovative story”, that is the purpose of the Netflix format;

“I was convinced that I knew something about happiness. I have a beautiful family, I am in good health, I have a good job, I must know what happiness is. So why did what put me in the end just a simple question in a crisis,” says Cattelan, introducing the topic of the program, where He will make a series of trips in Italy and abroad, on an expedition to discover useful elements for the ideal formula for happiness.

In each of the eight episodes, a different theme will be dealt, along with the characters that will accompany Catelan on his journey.

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