Clickbait, will there be season 2 of the new Netflix series?

From August 25th is available at Netflix An exciting and interesting new TV series titled Clickbait starring Clickbait Adrian Grenier. The show examines the dark side of social media and shows what happens when a viral video revealing little-known “facts” turns a family upside down.

Nick Brewer Grenier is a loving father, husband and brother who one day suddenly and mysteriously vanishes from the face of the earth. While his family A desperate search begins, and appears on the Internet Nick video Apparently he was taken hostage while showing a sign that read: “I am violent with women. If I reach 5 million views I will die.”. The police and his family are scrambling for Find out the truth Between multiple twists, including kidnappings, murders, and more.

The fans have already devoured eight episodes One of the most-watched shows on Netflix 48 hours after its release, so many are wondering if we’ll ever watch it. second season.

Created by Tony Ayres and Christian White, click home It was introduced as a mini-series, but as we’ve seen in the past with a number of other shows, such as Big Little LiesThis does not necessarily limit the future of the project If there is enough interest from the audience.

With the show currently trending on netflix, We wouldn’t be surprised if the streaming giant decided to give the green light for a second season. But what can he talk about? ice dawn Played by Becca Lish, she will be the most visible character to star in Season 2 should the show return, and Betty Gabriel Sophie Brewer thinks the current characters on the show might have a role to play.

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“Personally, I feel like you could spend an entire season exploring each character.”, said metro.

But even if the conclusion of the first version of click home He seemed decisive, there is always a possibility that he will become anthology series, Come american horror story, with an all-new indicative narrative One of the stars of the first season As new characters, or we can see a whole new cast of actors.

the creator Tony Ayers male Entertainment Weekly to get ideasfor two or three seasons. NS greener I think there is room to continue. Ayers He designed the series “On the new categories of crime that have arisen since the Internet took over our lives.” He also said that the show’s creative team decided to base the show on real crimes that actually happened.

Ayers He also stated that changing perspectives and immersion in the lives of each episode’s characters are an integral part of the series. “The main thing we wanted was to get people involved in the roller coaster ride which also had some kind of emotional impact. One of the advantages of this format is that it really gets into the lives of the characters that each episode is about. Ideally, what he does. We really want people to stop and think. in the nature of their interactions.”

We just have to wait two months after debut to find out What will Netflix decide Regarding a possible renewal, in the meantime, let us know if you’d like to see it Clickbait season two In the comments!

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